GFM Review Newsletter (WK 47)

OpenAI intellect up, OpenAI Board Intellect Down - Humans get it wrong again. Enjoy your 3 minute Global Financial Market Review Newsletter #47

Wk 47

Another week and more drama, no I’m not mentioning my apartment sale again, did I mention I’m selling my apartment, you can see the London Eye from my balcony!

Here in the UK, we’ve just had a government budget which wasn’t as bad as I thought even though we have the highest tax burden since WW2! But it would seem there are boardroom battlers afoot with the rank and file of OpenAI coming to the aid of Sam Altman, who seems to be in a revolving door, is he going or staying? Hope you get something out of your 3 minute catch up, as ever any interesting news please drop me a line Enjoy the rest of the week…


In a stunning twist, OpenAI faces chaos following Sam Altman's controversial ousting. With over 700 staff protesting and leadership changes, including Emmett Shear stepping in and Altman joining Microsoft, the saga raises questions about OpenAI's future, AI safety, and its $86 billion valuation. Stay tuned for more.

The European Central Bank alerts of growing financial risks for Eurozone banks due to increasing interest rates, signaling early signs of distress like loan defaults. The situation, complicated by remote work and environmental issues, challenges banks with potential asset quality decline and higher costs, amidst a global cost of living crisis.

The finance industry's need for consistent, engaging content is met by AI's transformative power in content creation. Professionals face the dual challenge of staying on top of trends while managing tight schedules. AI not only aids in generating ideas but also ensures content resonates with a discerning audience.


Award winners were announced, but if you missed them we had a number of really interesting organisations, I've included some of them. Check them out, these business are all bringing something and disruptive to their industries.

WOSUL stands out in delivering cloud-based selling systems, offering a seamless experience with real-time analysis and operational continuity across platforms. With its commitment to sustainability, regulatory compliance, and impressive hardware suite, complemented by 24/7 support, WOSUL is the go-to partner for modern enterprises seeking holistic solutions.

Express Trade Finance redefines trade finance, offering tailored, non-collateral based Letters of Credit in India and the UAE. Their client-centric approach and meticulous financial structuring enhance cash flow, ensuring reliability and industry leadership. Discover how ETF is transforming trade finance with oversight and customization.

KBA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC in Dubai, acclaimed and certified by the UAE Federal Tax Authority, offers comprehensive tax, bookkeeping, and business advisory services. Serving various sectors with a skilled team and distinguished by prestigious awards, KBA exemplifies commitment to excellence in accounting. Discover their unique approach.


Hope you found some of this interesting, your feedback is always welcome. We produce this for you after all. 

See you next week. 


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