GFM Review Newsletter (WK 46)

Inflation down/Ai up. Seems to be a trend. 3 minute round up - Global Financial Market Review

Wk 46

Well, another week is behind us and it would seem as if the prevailing winds are bringing a decrease in inflation not only for our friends on the other side of the pond but for us Brits too. Personally, I hope it helps with the sale of my apartment! Did I mention I am selling…

In other news, it would seem that all sides are managing restraint in the conflict in the Middle East. Lots of sabre rattling from Iran but so far the conflict has remained ‘local’. We watch on with bated breath as any escalation could reverse the hard-won decreases in global inflation. Anyhow enjoy your 3 minute catch up, as ever any interesting news please drop me a line


As you know we have been promoting MyCopyHub for a number of weeks and as the product enters its final stages of testing we continue to be able to offer our readers a discount. I’ve been privileged enough to use it, and it will change the way people work. 35% discount is nothing to be sniffed at.


AI-driven personalisation is revolutionising digital content creation, making it more relevant and engaging. This approach, leveraging AI algorithms for deep analysis and pattern recognition provides highly personalised content, meeting today's consumer demands for relevance and engagement. While AI excels in data handling and pattern recognition, the human touch remains essential for creativity and emotional resonance. This synergy between AI and human ingenuity is key to effective content strategies. As technology advances, AI's role in content personalisation will continue to grow, helping brands stay relevant and successful in the digital era. Read more...

The UK's inflation rate has significantly dropped to 4.6%, marking a major economic shift. This decline, largely due to lower utility, fuel, and food prices, reflects global market trends and the Bank of England's interest rate hikes. Contrary to some views, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's policies have had minimal direct impact. Positive market responses and a decrease in core inflation highlight the easing of economic pressures. With global alignment in inflation rates, the UK faces a delicate balance between fostering growth and controlling inflation, suggesting potential future rate cuts by the Bank of England. This trend indicates a move towards economic stabilisation, though challenges remain. Read more...

The UK's financial landscape is poised for change, with mortgage rates and savings outcomes influenced by declining inflation and the Bank of England's interest rate policies. Current trends suggest a potential drop in mortgage rates, as evidenced by decreasing average fixed rates. Investors anticipate an earlier interest rate cut, possibly by next summer, which could further reduce mortgage rates. However, for savers, high interest rates have been offset by rampant inflation, diminishing the real value of cash savings. Banks are responding by withdrawing top-rate deals in anticipation of falling rates. Tax implications for savers are also emerging, making cash ISAs increasingly attractive. This period of adjustment in the financial sector reflects the complex interplay of inflation, interest rates, and their effects on mortgages and savings. Read more...


Award winners were announced, but if you missed them we had a number of really interesting organisations, I've included some of them. Check them out, these business are all bringing something and disruptive to their industries.

Oneture is a leader in technology consulting and digital transformation, excelling in innovative solutions like AI, machine learning, and big data. Their unique approach blends startup agility with enterprise maturity, offering end-to-end services from product development to data strategy, solidifying their reputation in driving transformative business growth and technological advancements.

Merlin by VALK is a revolutionary platform in the blockchain and DeFi sectors, offering advanced analytics tools for interpreting on-chain data. Its automated interpretation layer, extensive API support, and smart contract analysis simplify complex transactions, aiding investors, institutions, and accountants in compliance, risk assessment, and decision-making across multiple blockchain networks.

Capital Quant Solutions (CQS) excels in the financial services industry with innovative SaaS products like FinStinct and FinView. Leveraging Machine Learning and NLP, CQS transforms data analysis in lending and wealth management, streamlining decision-making and enhancing customer engagement. Its notable clientele includes major Indian exchanges and global financial institutions.


Hope you found some of this interesting, your feedback is always welcome. We produce this for you after all. 

See you next week. 


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