GFM Review Newsletter (WK 45)


Wk 45

In the UK it seems that every shop is preparing for Christmas already. The decorations are up and I’m being forced to think about presents already, my usual stance is to buy at the last minute, but this year I may try and organise myself.

In work life it is a week of falling stars; the once vaulted WeWork files for chapter 11 in the US while combustion engines make a roaring comeback in the UK driving new car car sales and leaving EV’s in the slow lane. Who knows maybe we’ll have snow this year? Enjoy your 3 minute round-up.


Great to have MyCopyHub here again, do go and register. We have struck a deal to give the first 100 people who register free access on launch, which is next week… Register Here…


The office-sharing behemoth WeWork has commenced bankruptcy proceedings in the United States, according to official documents. The company has secured the approval of approximately 92 percent of its creditors to transition their secured debt to company equity under a restructuring plan, effectively eliminating around $3 billion in debt. Before its stock was suspended from trading it was valued at less than $50m, some way away from the near $50b it was once worth.

It is always good to look at the numbers. The latest figures indicate a pause in the growth of electric vehicle (EV) sales, coinciding with the UK’s government's postponement of a ban on new fossil fuel-powered vehicles. The data shows that EVs accounted for 15.6% of new car sales, a slight dip compared to the 16.3% average for the year. On the other hand, the market share for plug-in hybrid vehicles has increased to 9.3% for the month, surpassing the annual average of 7.1%

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Award winners were announced, but if you missed them we had a number of really interesting organisations, I've included some of them. Check them out, these business are all bringing something and disruptive to their industries.

Mozrt bridges the gap between traditional banking and contemporary technology, empowering banks, credit unions, and fintechs to seamlessly transform their payment and FX processes.

Wimbledon Wealth, led by founder Sophia Bhatti, offers bespoke asset strategies rooted in decades of experience and a commitment to simplicity, transparency, and personal relationships. With a track record in major financial institutions, Sophia brings real-world insights to tailor investments to individual preferences. Clients benefit from a trustworthy, process-driven approach, empowering them to prosper and live life to the fullest. is a Singapore-based fintech firm specializing in AI-powered credit risk modelling platforms. Built by financial and tech experts, they provide lenders with high-accuracy AI credit scorecards, streamlining risk management. Their global team blends financial domain knowledge and advanced technology, offering accessible next-gen fintech solutions worldwide.


Hope you found some of this interesting, your feedback is always welcome. We produce this for you after all. 

See you next week. 


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