Banco Central do Brasil Winner of Most Innovative Central Bank 2023 from Global Financial Market Review

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As part of its coverage of this huge and multi-disciplined industry GFM has developed a series of Awards. 

The Awards have been developed to reward companies and institutions who have achieved notable success in their respective fields. 

The Awards have become a standard for reliability, performance and security within the financial community. 

In a challenging market the GFM Awards recognize the progress, achievements and leadership of companies and institutions around the world that are engaged in the financial market either directly or supporting it. 

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The awards selection panel used a wide range of criteria to come to their decisions on the 2023 award winners. 

Some of the general criteria depending on the industry included; Transparency, Corporate Governance, Sustainability, Volume of transactions, Innovation, Customer Service 

Some of the specific criteria used included; Market Capitalization, Earnings per Share,
Price/Earnings Ratio,
Total Revenues, Net income, Operating Profits, Tier 1 Capital, Total Deposits, Loan to Deposit Ratio,
Non-Performing Loan Ratio, Coverage and Provision. 

The judging panel are proud to award the following institution:

This award recognises the exceptional manner in which Banco Central do Brasil has focused on delivering customer service with its distinguished segment management methodology and innovation over the last year in particular the work in Real Digital and LIFT. Banco Central do Brasil has ensured that customer satisfaction has been at the core of its activities and this is reflected in the Award.

The process by which GFM Review reached this decision is open and unbiased. The research team identify a number of organizations in a given sector. This are passed to the Nominations Team who contact those institutions that have nominated for the specific award.

The judging panel then review the material presented before them and make a decision as to who in their eyes is worthy of the award.

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About Banco Central do Brasil

The Central Bank of Brazil, established on December 31, 1964, is Brazil's principal monetary authority and is currently autonomous, not linked to any ministry. It was founded by three institutions, the Bureau of Currency and Credit, Banco do Brasil, and the National Treasury, and is responsible for managing Brazil's monetary policy, including the overnight rate called the SELIC rate, through its Monetary Policy Committee (COPOM). In addition to its monetary policy role, the bank is committed to promoting financial inclusion and is a leading member of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion. Since February 25, 2021, the bank is independent from the Federal Government.

The Central Bank of Brazil has launched several initiatives to promote financial inclusion and advance its digital transformation agenda, including the PIX instant payment system, Open Banking framework, Digital Real, and regulatory sandbox. These initiatives aim to increase competition, reduce transaction costs, promote innovation, and foster the development of more inclusive financial products and services.