Following Washington Redskins Decision, Insurer Changes Logo

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Following Washington Redskins decision, insurer changes logo

Insurance company Mutual of Omaha has confirmed that it will be replacing its corporate logo.

The Omaha, NE-based insurance firm’s logo features a depiction of a Native American chief, which it had been using for 70 years.

“We believe the decision to retire our corporate symbol is the right thing to do and is consistent with our values and our desire to help overcome racial bias and stereotypes,” said Mutual of Omaha chairman and CEO James Blackledge in a release.

Mutual of Omaha’s decision comes after other corporations and sports teams face mounting pressure to change any references to Native Americans in their names or logos, as a nationwide movement for racial equity and justice grows.

Most recently, the Washington Redskins of the NFL announced their intent to retire the team name and logo, after their investors and sponsors threatened that they would drop support for the team unless the sports group underwent a name and logo change.

The Associated Press reported that Mutual of Omaha is currently in the process of creating a new logo.

In addition to the logo change, Blackledge announced in a statement that the company will be committing an additional $1 million to community-based initiatives to address racial equality and social justice. The insurer also said that its management team will undergo additional training on diversity and inclusion.