Wealthy Nations To Increase Gold Holdings, Reducing Reliance On Dollar

In a significant strategic shift, wealthy nations are planning to increase their gold holdings despite the metal's recor...

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North Sea Oil And Gas Sector Warns Against Labour's Proposed Tax Increase

London, UK – June 18, 2024 – The UK Labour Party’s proposal to increase taxes on North Sea oil and gas production ... Read more

Record Rice Exports Provide Economic Lifeline To Pakistan

Pakistan has achieved a record in rice exports, thanks to a sales ban by India. This unexpected opportunity has provided... Read more

Green Steel: Hydrogen As The Key To Decarbonizing The Steel Industry

The steel industry, responsible for up to 9% of global CO₂ emissions, is under increasing pressure to find sustainable... Read more

Global Oil Market Faces Surplus By 2030, IEA Reports

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has projected a substantial surplus in the global oil market by 2030, with an esti... Read more

Green Energy Sector Grapples With Hydrogen Demand

The green energy sector is grappling with the challenge of forecasting demand for hydrogen, a fuel once envisioned as a ... Read more

California's Climate Lawsuit Seeks Big Oil Profits For Public Compensation

Sacramento, June 11, 2024 – In a bold legal strategy, California has filed a lawsuit against major oil companies, seek... Read more

UK Faces Organic Milk Shortage Due To Scarcity Of Organic Cows

London, UK – Experts are warning of a looming shortage of organic milk in the UK as the scarcity of organic cows threa... Read more

Market Volatility Eases, Trafiguras Profits Tumble

Trafigura, a leading global commodity trading firm, has reported a more than 70% decline in profits, signaling a potenti... Read more

Investment In Mining: Key To Decarbonising The Global Economy

The recent bid by BHP for Anglo American has brought to the forefront the critical need for increased investment in the ... Read more

Economic And Political Implications Of Volatile Gas Prices In Europe

Recent gas price volatility in Europe, highlighted by a 13% jump following a Norwegian outage, underscores the fragility... Read more

Gazproms Struggles: The Impact Of The Ukraine War On Russias Gas Giant

The Ukraine war has caused significant upheaval in the geopolitical landscape, with far-reaching consequences for variou... Read more

Key Stakeholders In De-Risking Green Tech For US Farming

The adoption of green agricultural technologies is crucial for the future of sustainable farming in the United States. T... Read more

OPEC+ Agreement To Extend Production Cuts Highlights Market Challenges

OPEC+ has agreed to extend its deep production cuts into next year, aiming to stabilize the global oil market. The decis... Read more

Study Reveals No Need For New Fossil Fuels To Meet Future Energy Demand

New York, May 2024 — A new study has concluded that future energy demand can be met without the need for new fossil fu... Read more