Copper Prices Fall 3.5% Today - Beginning Of A New Down Trend?

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Copper prices have sold off hard today with a 3.5% down move. The Elliott Wave model we are following on copper prices suggest a correction may dig a little deeper towards 2.85 – 2.97.

In the chart below, the higher probability Elliott Wave count we are following is that the move higher in copper from the January 2016 low is a complex correction labeled W-X-Y. The clue of this being a big corrective move higher is the triangle highlighted in 2016. You see, there are specific locations where triangles appear in the Elliott Wave sequence. With a triangle, appearing that early in a new trend higher suggests the move is corrective and likely retraced in the future.

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If this wave count is correct, then we are currently in the ‘Y’ wave of the W-X-Y complex correction. It is unclear whether the ‘Y’ wave is finished or not. If the wave is complete and over, then we are in the early stages of a large sell off.

If the ‘Y’ wave is not complete, then a correction in copper prices to 2.85-2.97 is typical and normal. If copper prices move below 2.71, then that will serve as an early warning signal that a top may be in place and the larger down trend is beginning.

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Copper Prices Fall 3.5% Today - Beginning of a New Down Trend?

---Written by Jeremy Wagner, CEWA-M

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