This $25 Bundle Allows You To Train At Your Own Pace To Become An Electrical Power Engineer

There is no longer any need to take long breaks from your full-time job and go deeply into debt in order to get the training you need to switch to a more lucrative career. For instance, you can train at your own pace with the very affordable Ultimate Electrical Power Engineer Preparation Program Bundle and get five courses spread across 43 hours of content that will provide you with quite a solid foundation to start a new career as an electrical power engineer.

If you're interested in solar energy, you'll learn about both on- and off-grid in "Complete Solar Energy Course for Electrical Engineering". "Complete Electrical Design Engineering Distribution Course" teaches you all you need to know to apply for electrical distribution field design positions, and "Complete Electrical Substations for Electrical Engineering" covers electric power systems.

You'll learn the basics of electric circuits completely from scratch in "Complete Electric Circuits Course for Electrical Engineering". And while all four of these courses are designed for beginners, students must complete this course before taking the final one, "Complete Electrical Machines For Electrical Engineering". That one is more comprehensive and is broken into four parts. The first is all about DC machines, the second covers transformers and magnetic circuits, the third teaches you about synchronous machines, and you'll learn all about induction machines in the fourth module.

Instructor Ahmed Mahdy is an electrical power engineer and has taught 11 courses on a variety of online e-learning platforms, one of which awarded him for being in the top 10% of most engaging instructors. Students have been very satisfied with the courses in this bundle and have rated it highly. Verified purchaser Hilarie C. rated it 5 stars, saying:

"I appreciate that it is not simply theory but education useful in everyday situations that can be implemented."

All of these classes offer lifetime access, including all future updates and certificates of completion that will add shine to your resume. Pretty soon, you'll be enjoying a whole different income scale and searching for all the latest entertainment gadgets and gaming accessories bargains.

Don't pass up this opportunity to train at your own pace for a lucrative new career as an electrical engineer. Get The Ultimate Electrical Power Engineer Preparation Program Bundle today while it is on sale for only $25.


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