​iPhone X To Launch In 12 Countries Including Korea On November 24

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The iPhone X will be launching in South Korea on November 24, Apple has announced, much earlier than anticipated.

The 10th anniversary edition iPhone will also launch on that date in Albania, Bosnia, Cambodia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro, Serbia, South Africa, Thailand, and Turkey, as well as the city of Macau. Israel will get it a day earlier on November 23.

A December rollout for the 10th anniversary edition had previously been expected. Apple didn't give a heads-up to local telcos before revealing the launch date, sources said.

Pre-orders will begin on November 17.

In Korea, the 256GB model is priced at 1.63 million won (around $1,450), the highest-priced iPhone in the country and pricier than in the US.

The iPhone 8 was launched in Korea on November 3, but sales have been relatively low, according to local telco officials, likely due to consumers waiting for the iPhone X.

In the countries where it is already available, the iPhone X has been outpacing iPhone 8 in sales, according to Localytics.

Correction 3:46pm AEST November 9, 2017: 12 countries get the phone on November 24, as well as the SAR Macau.


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