Carne International Announces 50 New Positions In Kilkenny

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Carne International, an Irish global provider of fund management company solutions, announces 50 new positions in Kilkenny.

Kilkenny is experiencing an extreme surge in jobs announcements this week. 80 new hires were announced in Kilkenny with Taxback International, and now Carne International has revealed further good fortune.

Carne, an Irish global provider of of fund management company solutions to the asset management industry, will be creating 50 jobs at a new regulatory technology, development and operations centre of excellence in Co Kilkenny.

The new hires are supported by Enterprise Ireland. The company is offering management and graduate positions in compliance, risk management, technology and operations.

Founded in 2004 by John Donohoe, Carne is the largest independent provider of fund management company services in Ireland, with assets of more than $60bn under management. The organisation has more than 400 clients and currently employs 150 people.

Carne has nine offices spread across major fund domiciles and asset management locations, including Ireland, the US, Luxembourg and the UK.

Speaking at the announcement, Donohoe noted how Brexit has impacted Carne’s business and created new demand, saying: “The independent fund management solutions business is growing, fuelled by a combination of factors such as cost pressures in the asset management industry, growing regulation and demand for greater oversight.

“Most notably, as Brexit approaches, UK asset managers will need to make alternative arrangements to future-proof the management of their EU products.

“This presents opportunity for Ireland, and Carne is scaling up in part to ensure it is sufficiently prepared to meet market demands dictated by Brexit.”

This expansion will enable the organisation to increase its client offering in the investment fund governance solutions sector. Greater regulation and increasing demand from investors for independent oversight of assets has led to what the company describes as “rapid growth”.

Minister of State for Financial Services Michael D’Arcy, TD, said: “The decision by Carne to locate 50 new jobs at a new office in Kilkenny is extremely positive news for the region.

“Kilkenny has undergone huge growth in recent years with an influx of impressive businesses establishing a presence in the county, including in the area of financial services.

“Given the availability of talent and its proximity to Dublin and other key Irish cities, it is no surprise that the south-east was the location of choice for Carne when it came to setting up its new office.”