Looking For The Perfect Travel Gift? Top Picks, From Luggage Trackers To Noise-cancelling Headphones

From 100ml bottles to luggage trackers: These are the best stocking fillers for travel lovers.


The search for Christmas gifts is on. Whether you’re looking for stocking fillers or the main event, these gadgets are designed to make travel easier.

From a tray table sleeve to noise cancelling headphones, we tested some of Amazon’s top-rated travel tech to see if it lives up to the hype.

Here are our top Christmas gift recommendations for the frequent traveller in your life.

Enjoy a peaceful flight with Anker Soundcore Space One wireless noise cancelling headphones

Anker’s Soundcore Q20i headset delivers impressive audio quality at a great price. Scoring 4.6 stars from Amazon shoppers, it’s on par with the top-rated Sony WH-CH720N model which is €34.32 more expensive.

We put Anker’s latest version of these headphones, the Soundcore Space One, to the test on a long haul flight where they proved their weight in gold next to three squawking toddlers.

We loved how comfortable they were to wear and how they easily folded away. They also come with an aux lead if you do need to plug in (but we’ve got a solution for that below).

The wireless noise cancelling headphones are £89.99 (€103) on Amazon.

Avoid cheap aeroplane headphones with the AirFly Pro wireless transmitter

This little piece of tech from Twelve South is a game changer for those who use wireless headphones or earbuds.

Simply plug it into the aux outlet in your seat and connect it to your wireless headphones using bluetooth. The AirFly Pro allows you to share with a friend but there are cheaper models that only transmit to one headset at a time.

You’ll also be doing your bit for the planet as it alleviates the need to use the airline’s cheap headphones which, let’s face it, are terrible quality and end up in the bin after the flight.

The wireless transmitter is available on Amazon for £59.99 (€68.62).

Watch movies hands-free with the Perilogics universal phone mount

Whether you’re in a car, bus, train or plane, this little gadget enables you to watch a film on your phone hands-free.

Simply clamp it to the back of a seat or tray table and relax. No more craning your neck staring down at your phone.

This universal phone mount is available on Amazon for £9.99 (€11.40).

Stay charged on the go with the cordless Charmast mini power bank

Power banks can be clunky and eat into your hand luggage allowance. So when we saw Charmast’s mini pocket of power (which actually fits into your pocket), we just had to try it for ourselves.

Being cordless, it’s easy and convenient to continue using your device as it charges. At just 90g, it won’t weigh you down if you’re taking a holiday selfie. Charmast offers three colours: black, pink and white and boasts speedy charging (90 minutes for a full charge).

Note, this model is only compatible with USB-C devices but there are other brands on the market which cater to different port sizes.

This mini power bank is available on Amazon for £13.28 (€15.20).


Never suffer lost luggage with an Apple AirTag

The Apple AirTag makes it easy to keep tabs on your luggage as it makes its way through the airport or if it gets left behind. Either pop it into your suitcase as it is or buy the keyring case to clip it to something.

Using the Find My app on your iOS device or the Tracker Detect app on Android, watch the tracker move through the airport terminal in real time. Set it to ‘lost mode’ if it can no longer be detected and you’ll receive a notification as soon as it’s detected again. The AirTag also reminds you when you leave it behind (not very helpful if you’re already on the runway though).

The AirTag can be reused once the battery dies (after 12 months on average). The only downside is it requires a lithium battery and not every airline allows them in the hold.

Apple AirTags are available on Amazon for £29 (€33.17).

Keep things organised with the Airplane Pockets tray table sleeve

If you like to keep all of your things to hand on a long journey to avoid disturbing other passengers by getting up and down for your bag, this gadget from Airplane Pockets is for you. It’s so simple, yet so ingenious.


The polyester sleeve effortlessly slips onto your tray table, providing a clean surface to work, eat and sleep on and various pockets underneath to keep your magazines, phone, water, chargers and snacks organised. The passenger in front will thank you too for not rummaging around in the back of their seat for your sweets.

The tray table sleeve is available on Amazon for £34.56 (€39.52).

Cut plastic waste with Morfone’s silicone travel bottles

TikTokers are raving about these squidgy, reusable silicone travel bottles. When we put them to the test, we loved their leakproof lids and how easy they were to fill and clean out with their wide necks.

The four 100ml bottles can be used for anything from shampoo to lotion. They come in a clear, reusable toiletry bag, meaning you can easily whip them out for security without faffing around with plastic bags (and avoid using another single-use plastic on your travels). They also come with ready-made labels.

The silicone travel bottles are £8.49 (€9.70) on Amazon.


Prevent leaks with Luter’s elastic sleeves for toiletry bottles

Say no more to sellotaping the lids of your toiletry bottles in an effort to prevent catastrophic spillages.

Not only will you be a little more eco-friendly by sparing the plastic tape, these sleeves are far superior as they can stretch over bottles of various shapes and sizes and create a tight seal. Our tester even used one to keep her expensive eyeshadow pallet closed in transit. The sleeves come in packs of four.

Get Luter's toiletry sleeves on Amazon for £7.99 (€9.14).

Stay smelling like roses with Wendergo’s perfume atomisers

Glass perfume bottles can eat into your luggage allowance, especially if you’re travelling carry-on only. These atomisers allow you to decant up to 5 ml of perfume, aftershave, hair product, pillow mist - basically, anything which comes in a spray bottle.

Simply remove the nozzle from your perfume, place the bottom of the atomiser on the tube and push down until you’ve decanted the desired amount. These are ideal to keep in your day bag too for a quick freshen up when you’re out and about.


The perfume atomisers are available on Amazon for £7.99 (€9.14).

The items in this article were gifted to our team in order to put them to the test ourselves. We have not been paid to include them. The products below are based on our genuine recommendations. Prices correct as of November 2023.


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