Japan: Bullet Train Passengers Treated To Wrestling Match Onboard, In World First

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Monday saw the world's first wrestling match take place on a Japanese bullet train.

A train carriage turned into a wrestling ring on Monday, as Japanese professional fighters battled in the aisle. Organisers say it was the first wrestling match held inside a bullet train.


The sell-out journey transported the audience on the superfast Nozomi Shinkansen train between Tokyo and Nagoya.

Dozens of spectators watched wrestlers Minoru Suzuki and Sanshiro Takagi fight inside the train as they travelled at speeds up to 285 kilometres per hour. Several other fighters also made appearances but 55 year old Minoru Suzuki won the battle after about 30 minutes.

The event organiser, DDT Pro-Wrestling rented out the whole carriage, with the 75 available tickets selling out within 30 minutes.

Fighters were not allowed to destroy any part of the train interior. Some participants took the train back to their homes afterwards, but without the fighting this time.

Watch the video above to witness the Japanese wrestlers on board the bullet train.

Video editor • Hannah Brown