Flight Etiquette: TikTok Argues Over Correct Way To Exit A Plane

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Here’s how social media users think you should exit a plane.

A series of TikTok videos have sparked the latest debate over flight etiquette: how should you leave the plane?

As flying becomes an ever-more exasperating experience thanks to airport disruptions and travel strikes, onboard behaviour is coming under scrutiny.

Controversies have raged over whether seat reclining is permissible, if refusing to switch seats is rude and who should get control of the armrests.

Now, TikTok is thrashing out the topic of disembarking from the aircraft. Here’s how social media users think you should exit the plane.

TikTok debate rages over correct way to exit a plane

The disembarking etiquette debate was sparked by a video posted by TikTokker Quincy Philbin earlier this month.

In the clip, she demonstrates how her boyfriend helps her navigate the rush to leave the aircraft.

She shows how he stands in the aisle behind her, effectively blocking those in the rows after his from passing so that she can leave easily in front of him.

In the on-screen caption, she describes the gesture as “very simple but very sweet.”

The video quickly racked up over two million views and hundreds of comments. Many users applauded the man for his actions.

Others considered it unremarkable, “the most normal thing ever” and something that “everyone does” for the other people they are with.

On the other hand, some commenters saw it as disrespectful and rude to passengers behind in a rush to leave the plane.

“Not me thinking it's actually a rubbish thing to do for all the other people waiting to leave the plane too," one viewer wrote, sparking a series of responses.

Should passengers leave the plane row by row?

The video caused many viewers to comment that the correct way to exit a plane is row by row.

“The people behind her should be waiting regardless of if he stops them or not. Plane should deboard front to back,” wrote one viewer.

“For people who actually have decorum and class, you usually wait for the seats in front of [you] to get out rather than pushing past them. Unless they’re sat [down],” said another.

Earlier in June, another TikTok user posted a video calling out those that crowd the aisle attempting to get off first.

"Since when did aeroplane etiquette of getting off the plane row by row end!?!?!" the on-screen caption reads.

Commenters described it as their “biggest pet peeve” and something that drives them crazy. Others agreed but made the exception for those who have a tight flight connection.

Some airlines may have started to enforce row-by-row deboarding. “Last time I flew JetBlue they actually put a little message on everyone's screen reminding us to do just that!” said one commenter.