Budget Rail Travel: These Are The Best-value Sleeper Trains In Europe

With welcome packs, bike storage and spectacular views, these budget sleeper train trips are also more enjoyable than taking the plane.

Rail travel is all the rage this summer as travellers continue to opt for environmentally friendly modes of transport.

But trains can still often be more expensive than flying.

To help encourage sustainable choices, booking company Omio has put together a ranking of the best value sleeper train journeys in Europe.

With amenities like welcome packs, bike storage and spectacular views, these budget sleeper train trips are also more enjoyable than taking the plane.

What is Europe’s cheapest sleeper train?

Omio determined Europe’s best-value night train by calculating the cheapest journey per mile and per minute.

The rankings also include a score for services such as bike storage, ensuite showers, air conditioning and wheelchair accessibility.

Europe’s best value sleeper train is from Paris to Nice

The research found that SNCF’s night service from Paris to Nice is the best value for the distance. Passengers can travel 1,088 kilometres for as little as €19 per person.

The route is a popular one, whisking you out of France’s busy capital and down to the dreamy French Riviera.

It runs once a day and passengers can choose between seating or a couchette - including wheelchair-accessible berths and carriages.

That said, the service ranked low for amenities. Customers are provided with a toiletry kit and bike storage is available.

But there is no cafe or bar car so you should think about having dinner before you board.

Bratislava to Split for the longest journey

ÖBB’s sleeper from Bratislava to Split comes in second place for value for money, with tickets from €29 per person.

Known as the EuroNight, this has private compartments with seating, couchettes and sleeper cabins available.

It’s one of Europe’s longest train journeys, running for 960 minutes, and if you can’t sleep you can watch the wonders of Austria and Croatia rolling past the windows.

Passengers can enjoy breakfast included and free drinks and snacks.

Berlin to Brussels on Europe’s newest sleeper

Taking third place is the European Sleeper, which launched in May this year.

The service offers three classes: seats, comfort couchettes and deluxe. The latter has breakfast included and a wash basin in the compartment. Toilets are along each corridor.

The route is 766 km long and tickets can be purchased for as little as €49 per person.

Munich to La Spezia for the best start to a holiday

ÖBB’s NightJet from Munich in Germany to La Spezia Centrale in Italy takes the fourth spot. It has the lowest starting price per person at €11.

It has excellent amenities including complimentary towels, earplugs, breakfast and snacks. Compartments are equipped with locks and air conditioning.

This daily route is the perfect start to a holiday in Italy’s Cinque Terre - five villages famed for their colourful houses on the cliffside.

From La Spezia, you can hop on a local train connection that chugs along the coastline.

Brussels to Vienna for the best amenities

Another ÖBB NightJet makes the ranking in fifth place with tickets as low as €29 per person.

The best part of the service is the exceptional amenities. Passengers have access to an ensuite toilet and shower and a small breakfast with tea and coffee included in the ticket price.

Customers receive a welcome pack with towels, earplugs, drinks and snacks. You can bring dogs and bikes onboard. Compartments are lockable and fitted with air conditioning.


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