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British Expat Kids Football Team Thrown Out Of Local Spanish Little League

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An expat kids’ football team in Mijas has been thrown out of the local football ‘little league’ for ... Read more

Renting Vs Buying A House In The Netherlands

Expat - Published date: . is a 100% independent, professional & reliable mortgage advice site for expats who want to bu... Read more

5 New Government Policies And How These Will Affect Your 2017 Tax Return

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J.C. Suurmond & zn. are Dutch tax consultants with an international perspective and have been providing tax solu... Read more

[Video] Why Did The Dutch Give Up New York?

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If you hear the name New York, your immediate reaction may not be to think of the Netherlands. But, believe it or not, ... Read more

How To Survive As An Expat In Thailand

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In spite of Thailand’s political instability, it’s still a popular destination for expat retirees from Eur... Read more

Elderly UK Expats Returning Home Caught In Social Care Trap

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British expats returning to the UK with serious health problems are facing a funding lottery harming their care home and... Read more

China To Block VPNs By End Of March

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The anticipated block by the Chinese government of all popular VPNs is now confirmed to begin at the end of next month. ... Read more

The Dutch Olympic Stadium: When Was It Used And What Is It Now?

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No doubt you have passed by the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam and admired the five Olympic rings on the façade with the ... Read more

Oman Rentals To Fall Due To Expat Visa Cut Off

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Oman’s announcement of expat worker bans in specific sectors is expected to cause yet another rental price fall i... Read more

Buying Your Retirement Home In Costa Rica

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Popular with expat retirees from the USA for decades, the charms of Costa Rica are now being appreciated by an increasin... Read more

Expat Males Win Out On Finding Love Overseas

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A new survey has revealed some 33 per cent of men who become expats find the loves of their lives in their new countries... Read more

Ireland To Allow UAE Citizens Visa-free Entry

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The decision by Irish lawmakers to allow UAE citizens visa-free entry is clearly linked with an expected increase in bus... Read more

Misselling Of Financial Products By Dodgy IFAs Still Rampant In The UAE

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In spite of UAE regulations on compensation for financial irregularities involving investments, expats in the UAE are st... Read more

Settling In As An Expat In Hong Kong

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Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan ambience and still-booming economy continues to be a major hub for expat professionals. ... Read more

Sick Of House-hunting? An Insiders Perspective Might Help!

Expat - Published date: . is an independent directory of real estate and letting agents, as well international movers and househo... Read more