Coffee Market Turmoil: Lavazza Predicts Further Price Hikes

The coffee market is currently experiencing significant upheaval, with Italian coffee roaster Lavazza warning of further price hikes. This alert comes amidst a dramatic 70% surge in robusta futures over the past year, which has squeezed the profit margins of roasters and set the stage for higher consumer prices.

Surge in Robusta Prices

Robusta coffee prices have seen an unprecedented rise, with futures climbing by 70% in just the past year. This sharp increase is largely attributed to adverse weather conditions in key coffee-producing regions such as Brazil and Vietnam, where droughts and unpredictable weather patterns have severely impacted crop yields. Additionally, supply chain disruptions have hampered the flow of goods, exacerbating the price surge.

Financial Strain on Roasters

Roasters like Lavazza are experiencing considerable financial strain due to these rising prices. The higher cost of robusta beans is making it increasingly difficult for companies to maintain their profit margins. Lavazza, along with other major coffee companies, is now grappling with the challenge of absorbing these increased costs. Many roasters are left with little choice but to consider passing these costs onto consumers to sustain their operations and avoid significant financial losses.

Logistical Challenges

In addition to the soaring cost of raw materials, the coffee industry is also dealing with significant logistical challenges. Increased shipping costs, port delays, and labor shortages have all contributed to the overall expense of bringing coffee to market. These logistical issues have compounded the financial burden on roasters, making it even more difficult to manage rising bean prices.

Consumer Price Adjustments

For consumers, this means that coffee prices are set to rise. From single cups at cafés to packaged coffee on store shelves, the cost of coffee is likely to increase, affecting daily consumption habits and household budgets. Lavazza's warning indicates that these price hikes will be felt across the board, prompting consumers to potentially rethink their coffee purchases and consumption patterns.

Future Projections

Looking ahead, the outlook for coffee prices remains uncertain, with continued volatility expected in the near term. Lavazza and other industry leaders are closely monitoring market conditions and exploring ways to mitigate the impact on consumers. However, ongoing supply chain issues and climate-related challenges suggest that higher prices may persist for some time. The coffee industry must navigate these turbulent times with resilience and adaptability to maintain stability.


Lavazza’s prediction of further coffee price hikes is a clear indication of the significant challenges facing the industry. As robusta futures continue to climb, both roasters and consumers must navigate a complex and rapidly changing market. The coffee industry is poised for a period of significant adjustment, with all stakeholders feeling the effects of these rising costs. Adapting to this new pricing landscape will be crucial for maintaining consumer trust and industry stability in the months and years ahead.

Author: Brett Hurll


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