Gate 8 luggage has developed a multi trip Hygiene Kit ready for when travellers return to the skies.

The kit is packed (in a TSA approved wash bag) with a reusable face mask, medical grade disposable masks, hand gel, gloves and sanitising wipes (£19.99 for the full kit).

The website allows the traveller to build the kit (from £4.99) by selecting the items they want including, which are then packaged in a TSA-approved bag.

The options then are:

  • Washable face covering: Double layer fabric face covering, non-medical and ideal for general workplace use. Fabric binding allows the product to be washed and reused again, the outer layer has Silvadur 930 Flex Antimicrobial finish with a Zelan R3 (£4 per mask)
  • Three-ply non-woven disposable face masks: intended to cover the nose and mouth in order to minimise the incidence of cross infection in surgical, medical, dental, food preparation and other clean or sensitive environments. Latex free elasticated loops to minimise allergic reactions. CE EN 14863 certified (£0.65 per mask)
  • 50 ml professional hand disinfectant / sanitiser gel: Alcohol content 70 per cent. The product has been classified and labelled in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (£2.75)
  • Pairs of nitrile medical gloves (en455-1.2.3 certified): Vinyl is a synthetic material made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Its elasticity is lower than acrylic and latex, giving it a more loose fit and a smooth, comfortable feel. Helps prevent allergic reactions latex protein (£0.50 per pair)
  • Disinfecting wipes with 75 per cent alcohol. Packed ten pieces per bag. The 75 per cent alcohol wipe is 4 g/pc, the non-woven is 1g, alcohol and water is 3g, the alcohol is 2.25 g. (£2.00)

Alastair Callendar of Gate8 luggage said:

“Given the downturn in the aviation industry and therefore temporary loss in our crew luggage orders with our clients Easyjet and Jet 2 for example, we turned our supply chain expertise to helping our partners, providing them with crew PPE for their bounce back flights.”

“We have further developed this concept into passenger hygiene kits and we are now supplying travel management companies with affiliate sales opportunities, corporate branded kits as well as partnering with retail in Gatwick Airport and selling direct to the public from our website.”

The kits are available from

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