P40 Pro And P40 Are Reportedly On Track For 2020 Release, According To Huawei

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US Justice Department Files Criminal Charges Against China's Huawei

Despite becoming one of the top three smartphone brands in the market, Huawei eventually lost out on the software front. Its smartphones are powered by Google's Android operating system, but the ongoing trade restrictions are causing problems for the company's international markets. Due to the technicality, newer models from the Chinese manufacturer are shipping without Google Mobile Services. This is a huge dealbreaker for consumers who were planning to purchase its flagship offerings. However, recent reports claim it is still geared to ship the P40 Pro and P40 in 2020.

While older models that were released prior to the government ban still have access to most of Google's services, the latest ones do not have the services. Huawei's Mate 30 Pro and Mate 30 were reviewed by journalists favourably thanks to its top-tier imaging capabilities. Meanwhile, the P40 Pro and P40 are slated to debut sometime around March next year in Paris.

The only downsides are the missing apps normally used by consumers outside of China. Its next premium handset will apparently release with Android 10 onboard, but Google Play services will continue to be locked out.

Not having Google Mobile Services on the P40 Pro and P40 is going to be a huge factor when it comes to global sales. Nevertheless, Huawei seems confident that it does not need to rely on foreign markets for success. Industry experts seem to agree that the trade ban will not have a big impact on the manufacturer's growth.

China is a big market for consumer electronics and mobile phones make up a big chunk of sales. While Android is the operating system of choice for most Chinese brands, Google Mobile Services are locked out by default due to the restrictions set by the government.

CNet believes sales of Huawei smartphones will continue to do well in its home country. In fact, most of the popular applications in western markets are normally banned in China. Sources speculate that the P40 Pro and P40 will have new features that will rival that of other flagship models from competing brands. These include the Samsung Galaxy S11 series and other high-end brands with new products coming out in 2020.