Most Advanced AI-powered Business Name Generator Launched By TRUiC

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  • As record numbers of new LLC's are launched in the US and new domains are registered globally, entrepreneurs run out of options for business names
  • AI-powered tools can outperform or assist human brainstorming sessions
  • UK Businesses eye the U.S. and Asia as key new markets
  • TRUiC launched the worlds' most advanced AI-powered business name generator

New research suggests that record numbersof new businesses were formed in the US in late 2020, with the trend continuing strong through 2021. Alongside Asia-Pacific, the US is also high on the list for post-Brexit business growth as UK companies seek to offset new complications associated with EU single market access. Forming U.S. businesses has a broad appeal among U.K. entrepreneurs.

Starting a new business in an ever-changing market environment can be a challenging task. More so, small business owners and young startup entrepreneurs have a difficult choice to make, finding an authentic and distinctive business name that will set them aside from their competitors. Although some business owners opt to use their first or last name for their business, the name which you choose should communicate the values and essence of what you are trying to put forth.

According to The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC), with the use of Artificial Intelligence or AI, small business owners now have it easier than ever before. Making use of smart AI-based tools such as business name generators to help them get the job done. These tools are changing the game when it comes to starting a small business, as many AI tools can now assist with finding suitable employees, drawing up operation agreements, or even setting up a new business plan.

Today, there are dozens of great business name generators out there, each hosting unique capabilities. These AI tools come in all shapes and sizes, with some platforms offering these tools for free, whereas some you might need to subscribe or perhaps pay an annual subscription fee. Below are some companies who took a huge bet on the American and global startup market by investing in AI-powered tools to facilitate the ideation of new business names, startup ideas and so forth:

TRUiC Business Name Generator

The TRUiC business name generator presents users with a wide range of options: from basic functions and easy-to-use navigations, allowing users to download their new business name for free. The TRUiC name generator allows users to create a unique and authentic business name in seconds.

Additional features search and find similar business names that might already be registered or trademarked in different places around the world. It functions on cutting-edge software and artificial intelligence tools to help users find the most suitable name for their business.

Finally, once you've selected a name from the hundreds of results given by the generator, you will then have the chance to test it out on a business card, or letterhead to ensure it's the perfect fit. This generator is free, with added features to help you find a reputable company to register your new name with.

According to the investor whose brainchild this is: "At TRUiC, we bet on entrepreneurs worldwide. We invested in the sort of AI that is currently unavailable due to technological supply constraints. As early adopters, we deploy AI to help people choose better business names, find the best business ideas, domain names and even unique logos at no charge. I want to see us form a unique relationship with small business owners for the future and that's why we invested in their success" said the CEO Nagabhushanam "Bobby" Peddi.

Shopify business name generator

Shopify is massive. The company currently operates on nearly every online store currently available on the internet. Although Shopify has a massive following and offers great support, their business name generator comes in second compared to that of TRUiC.

This generator tool offers you the ability to enter a few keywords related to your business, and it spits out a few hundred results. It's not anything unique, and some of the names don't make a lot of sense.

If you're lucky enough to find something you like, you will first need to register or sign up with a Shopify account. Even with an account, flexibility may still be limited, and you will need to pay a subscription fee to finally download your new business name. A bit limited in its capabilities, but it still doesn't take away how massive the company is.


Namelix is relatively new and has a fun twist to business name generators. This platform gives you additional options, such as name length, name style, and brandable names. Namelix delivers hundreds of aesthetically pleasing business names, all unique and fun. As opposed to Shopify just giving random names, Namelix offers the name in a unique design and layout. Using different colors, fonts, and design tools, the final result may be more than what you initially anticipated.

It will come at a cost as only the premium account gives you access to more well-rounded business names, anything between $2000 and $4000 per name - a high price, for a small business owner.


Similar to what Shopify is offering, Oberlo also asks you to enter a few keywords, and it delivers a few, interesting and quirky business names. Although relatively straightforward to use, you will first need to sign up as a member or create an account to download your new business name, or perhaps purchase a premium plan to have access to better AI-powered features.

Final take:

These platforms and dozens others have made it easier for small business owners to establish themselves, having access to better performing and high-end artificial intelligence puts them in the run to make a success out of their new business ventures. Expect professions in marketing, branding, design and IT to be substantially disrupted over the next 5 years as new free tools are given to startups, which will effectively eliminate the need for certain professionals.