Gino Fracchiolla And Jack Skipp On How A Positive Mindset Can Lead You Straight To Success

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Staying positive can be a struggle, especially when you are a budding entrepreneur trying to build your professional image while also making profits. With worries about staffing, overheads, and supply chains demanding attention, the importance of maintaining a positive mindset can often go overlooked. Here, Gino Fracchiolla and Jack Skipp, two leading entrepreneurs who have reached equally impressive heights of success within their respective industries, share how a positive mindset helped them both become industry leaders.

Born in Bari, Italy, Gino Fracchiolla was raised in the United States, between New York and Los Angeles. He learned first-hand the importance of finding positive opportunities within negative experiences when he left behind ten years of incarceration and launched the highly successful public relations and digital media firm, Infiniti Marketing Group.

Similarly inspirational within his field, entrepreneur and YouTuber Jack Skipp creates daily videos that reveal the skills and secrets needed to become a successful investor. His videos cover every essential aspect of the world of investment, from commodities to cryptocurrency.

According to Jack Skipp and Gino Fracchiolla, the power of your mindset can either lead you straight to success or keep your goals always out of reach. "A fixed mindset, one that is unwilling to grow or accept new opportunities, can cause your aspirations to crumble down around you," says Jack Skipp. "The most positive mindset of all is the growth mindset," adds Gino Fracchiolla, who continues, "The growth mindset is one where you're ready to learn from life's setbacks and face them head-on with positivity."

Though they have found success within separate industries, Gino Fracchiolla and Jack Skipp both agree that they trod common ground when they chose to embrace the power of a positive mindset and face adversity with a belief in their unique abilities. "A positive mindset sets you on a dependable path. Once you believe that every obstacle is a lesson in disguise, the future won't seem so uncertain, and your goals would become easier to reach," explains Jack Skipp. Gino Fracchiolla agrees, adding, "You take the fear out of the big decisions that you face in life when you trust that no matter the outcome, you will gain growth and experience."

Facing down adversity with positivity may seem daunting, and at times, even impossible. Yet, Gino Fracchiolla and Jack Skipp believe that by arming yourself with a positive mindset, you can overcome any challenge life throws at you.