Eye On Exports, Bikano Launches Frozen Products In International Market

Bikano hopes to capitalise on prospects in the international market and anticipates sales of Rs 200 crore in 2023-24

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Snack and packaged food manufacturing company Bikano has launched a line of frozen items in the international market, with the goal of increasing export sales by 40 per cent year-on-year (YoY), reported

Economic Times (ET)


With this move, Bikano hopes to capitalise on prospects in the international market and anticipates sales of Rs 200 crore in 2023–24, it said.

The demand for Bikano products has progressively increased over the years in the international market, where not only Indians but even local inhabitants have begun to consume their products. The FMCG behemoth hopes to grow its foreign market share by up to 25 per cent with this strategy.

"Bikano is taking another step towards participating in every food occasion by expanding into the international frozen food segment. With the growing popularity of frozen snacks and meals around the world, we recognise the enormous potential in this area," said Manish Aggarwal, director, Bikano, Bikanervala Foods, according to media reports.

"Our focus remains on catering to the needs of retail consumers, and to that end, we have introduced affordable packages of 300 g and 400 g, comprising a wide range of savoury snacks, sweets, and frozen items," he added.

Aggarwal further said that the company's marketing approach is simple: it adapts to changing consumer trends.

As customers increasingly embrace digital channels, we will adjust our marketing efforts accordingly. Our strategy includes a wide range of marketing channels, including above-the-line (ATL), below-the-line (BTL), and digital platforms, ensuring a consistent presence across several touchpoints and securing a significant portion of the international frozen market, he added.

With its frozen products, Bikano has set its sights on several countries across the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. Bikano intends to cater to the different palates and preferences of people worldwide by expanding its reach to these regions.

First Published: May 25 2023 | 4:26 PM IST


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