Aparajitha Eyes New Deals After 76% Stake Buy In Quess Corp Arm Simpliance

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Aparajitha Corporate Services, a provider of services in India, said on Wednesday that it aims to expand its business with newer acquisitions and by consolidating future tech-enabled platforms.

Aparajitha had recently acquired a strategic 76 per cent equity stake in Simpliance Technologies, a subsidiary of . With the acquisition, Aparajitha will consolidate all its tech products under the brand name ‘Simpliance’, rebranding ‘Compfie’ to ‘Simpliance’. This enables combined operations, facilitating a more powerful and automated knowledge platform for all the technology and services offering by Aparajitha across the country. This is the second acquisition by Aparajitha in four months, after the acquisition of select assets of Comply India Tech Services in June 2022.

The company has set expansion goals in the coming years, envisioning to become the leading player in the compliance segment in India. Focussing on Labour, Employee, and Industrial (LEI) and Environment Health and Safety (EHS)-related compliance services, Aparajitha has strong pan-India domain expertise in central and state laws on employees, labour, industrial, and EHS regulations. Aparajitha has over 1,700 employees on its rolls and a presence in 25 Indian States, with over 1,750 clients ranging from Fortune 500 to MSMEs.

“As Aparajitha consolidates with futuristic business and newer compliance platforms, we assure to create the country’s largest regulatory and efficient Compliance Solutions with quality and integrity. We are glad and excited to announce our recent acquisition with Simpliance, where we believe to bring the best of the services from both with world-class digital solutions to the clients combined with high-quality full assurance compliance services on the ground,” said Nagaraj Krishnan, Managing Director of Aparajitha.

“We are glad to be part of Aparajitha’s expansion and to associate with them in the rebranding of their promising product Compfie to Simpliance GRC. With the acquisition, we offer comprehensive technology and data-oriented compliance solutions with digital tools. We believe that Aparajitha-Simpliance can emerge as an undisputed leader in the compliance segment with strong regulatory domain expertise in India and other regions,” said Anil Prem D’Souza, Chief Executive Officer of Simpliance Technologies.