Global Financial Market Review - Awards

Most Innovative in Wealth Management in Singapore 2024


InvestaX is at the forefront of Real-World Assets tokenization, using blockchain to innovate finance. The platform, led by Alice Chen, streamlines the entire tokenization process—issuance, custody, trading—and integrates seamlessly with banking systems. Its introduction of IX Swap tackles liquidity issues in security tokens, enhancing investor access and compliance. InvestaX’s collaboration on "Project e-VCC" with major financial firms underlines its influential role in fintech, driving both technological and regulatory advancements.

Best Asset Management in Turkey 2024

QNB Finansportfoy

QNB Finansportföy, based in Istanbul, Turkey, is a prominent asset management company established on September 8, 2000. It offers diverse financial services, including mutual funds, ETFs, pension funds, and discretionary portfolios for various clients. The company evolved into a Portfolio Management Company in 2015, under the authorization of Turkey's Capital Markets Board, highlighting its regulatory compliance and innovative approach in the financial sector.

Best Fintech Banking Startup in Australia 2024


FrontYa revolutionizes Australian home buying with a shared equity financing model, significantly easing the deposit burden for potential homeowners. This pioneering approach leverages proprietary AI technology to assess investment viability and optimize funding strategies, allowing customers to access property ownership earlier without traditional loan drawbacks. FrontYa's model promises mutual benefits for homeowners and investors, underlining its transformative impact on the property landscape.

Best Formation Advisors in Asia 2024

Aristotle Consultancy

Aristotle Consultancy, established in 2010, revolutionizes financial services in India through its Virtual CFO and comprehensive advisory solutions. Catering to startups, SMEs, and MNCs, it offers cost-effective, scalable support, filling a critical market gap with over 100 employees and a prestigious client base, proving its leadership in the industry.

Best ExPat Financial Advisors in UAE 2024

Krystal Financial Consultants

Krystal Financial Consultants LLC, based in Dubai, excels in financial consulting, noted for excellence, professionalism, and ethics. It facilitated a $30 million letter of credit for a UAE oil trader, showcasing its ability to support significant transactions. Led by Amit Singhania, with over 24 years of finance experience, Krystal offers diverse services, including corporate finance and project financing, emphasizing client-centric solutions, operational excellence, and global reach. Its achievements and leadership mark it as an industry leader.

Most Innovative in Lending in EMEA 2024


FaturaLab is an innovative software development company focused on creating custom solutions for invoice management and automation. Their platform leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning to streamline billing processes, enhance financial accuracy, and provide real-time analytics, aiming to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs for businesses of all sizes.

Best Fintech Banking StartUp in the Middle East in 2024


Cashee is a pioneering fintech startup in Saudi Arabia, focused on empowering youth with financial literacy aligned with the Saudi 2030 vision. Launched in June 2020, it offers a unique banking platform for ages 6 to 18, enhancing financial education through innovative services like personalized Cashee cards and educational content. Its growth is marked by milestones such as Visa fintech program acceptance and significant funding rounds, reflecting its strong market potential and commitment to technological innovation and financial empowerment for young individuals.

Best Digital Lending App in the Philippines 2024


Digido is a leading fintech company in the Philippines, offering an innovative, fully automated online lending platform. It provides accessible, fast, and convenient financial solutions, featuring 0% interest rates for new borrowers for the first 7 days, and up to PHP 25,000 for repeat customers for up to 180 days. Catering to Filipinos aged 21 to 70, including employed individuals and selected professionals, Digido democratizes financial access with a quick, online loan application process. Processing over 100,000 loans monthly with a 90% approval rate, and a 99.7% approval on second loans, Digido showcases its effectiveness and reliability as a state-licensed online lender with a widespread branch network.

Most Innovative in Payments in South America 2024

NewNet Secure Transactions

NewNet Secure Transactions, a leader in digital payment infrastructure, delivers unmatched security and efficiency with over three decades of expertise. It specializes in secure transaction routing and transport across diverse networks, catering to sectors like FinTech and retail. NewNet's innovations, including the NPay* OS and Payment Stack, facilitate seamless legacy system migration and support omnichannel payments, preparing the industry for future payment methods. With a global footprint and recognition among top financial institutions, NewNet's solutions, like the Secure Transaction Cloud, offer pioneering cloud-based payment services, making it a pivotal player in the digital payment landscape.

Best Independent Advisors in Canada 2024

Experior Financial Group

Experior Financial Group Inc., founded in 2014 with headquarters in Guelph, Ontario, and operations in the United States, focuses on financial empowerment and legacy building in North America. Led by CEOs Jamie and Lee-Ann Prickett, it offers client-centered solutions, technological innovation, and financial education. Its proprietary Expert Financial Analysis software provides personalized financial programs, supporting clients in debt repayment, savings optimization, and insurance coverage. Experior supports over 4,000 licensed professionals in Canada and the USA, offering ownership opportunities, fostering a culture of excellence, and promoting financial literacy.