Global Financial Market Review - Awards

Best Fiduciary Services in Europe 2023


MariCorp, with over 30 years of experience stemming from its roots in D. Marinou & Co Ltd, excels in corporate services including company formation, banking, iGaming, and tax & VAT consulting. Renowned for its comprehensive solutions, skilled team, and global partnerships, MariCorp offers bespoke, client-centric services, ensuring strategic and efficient business operations.

Most Innovative in Wealth Management in South Africa 2023

Multilink Financial Services

Multilink Financial Services, renowned for over three decades, offers comprehensive, client-focused financial planning and wealth creation. With a multidimensional approach, the firm excels in diverse financial solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology for unbiased, efficient advice. Its dedication to client education and personalized service sets industry benchmarks, meriting high recognition.

Best Cloud Services in South Korea 2023

EIP Grid

EIP Grid stands as a transformative force in energy management with its AI-driven platform, optimizing energy resources and operations. It enhances grid stability, fosters renewable energy trading, and contributes to a sustainable future while maximizing stakeholder value through advanced analytics and robust security measures.

Best Fintech Banking Start Up in MENA 2023


Fvtvre is a venture design and development firm adept at identifying high-potential market opportunities. Specializing in fintech and real estate innovations, its ventures, such as DecisionX and PropX, showcase a blend of technological excellence and market insight, addressing critical market gaps and promoting operational efficiency and fairness.

Most Innovative in Payments in MENA in 2023


Lamaa is a B2B fintech leader in Saudi Arabia, founded by former digital banking veteran, Sumeet Khutale. Catering to diverse business sizes, Lamaa emphasizes financial inclusion and digital transformation. Leveraging advanced technology, backed by significant partnerships, and a seasoned team, Lamaa offers tailored financial solutions, aiming to revolutionize the business ecosystem.

Best Fintech Solution Provider 2023


Yodaplus is a technology solutions company specializing in secure, scalable solutions intersecting technology, finance, and blockchain. With global capital market expertise, a proven track record of successful product development, and recognized as leading blockchain experts in India, they deliver enterprise solutions simplifying complex challenges for their clients.

Best Asset Management Firm South Africa 2023

nReach | Capitis | Laysan

nReach is an authorised, experienced, and entrepreneurial fund management firm focusing on growth and income alternative assets. They have made over 25 investments since 2020, boasting a high risk-adjusted yield, frequent income payouts, and impactful transactions, including job creation in South Africa. They value balance, diversification, and innovative investment approaches.

Fastest Growing Fintech Asia 2023


Smartpay, a pioneering Japanese fintech, offers a seamless digital financial solution enabling real-time, direct debit transactions from bank accounts. This platform, supported by partnerships with 73 banks and payment processors Adyen and Stripe, revolutionizes payments, delivering interest-free buy-now-pay-later options, secure data practices, and a simplified checkout experience, thus enhancing consumer comfort and merchant conversion rates.

Best Startup Quantitative Fund Singapore 2023

UTM Labs

UTM Labs excels in formulating and executing systematic trading strategies in options markets, underpinned by advanced mathematical modeling, robust academic research, comprehensive financial market understanding, and computer science. Leveraging cutting-edge risk analytics, UTM ensures optimal strategy execution and capital preservation, while innovatively navigating transaction costs and managing risks.

Best Domestic Private Bank US

BMO Private Bank

BMO Private Bank is a comprehensive wealth management service, offering personalized financial strategies through a team of experts. Services include investment management, banking, lending, tax and philanthropic planning, and estate and trust services. Clients also benefit from cross-border solutions through their U.S. affiliate, BMO Harris Bank.

Best FinTech Wealth Management in Asia 2023

RealX Marketplace Pvt Ltd

RealX has revolutionized real estate asset management in the fintech sector, offering innovative solutions for property investment. It facilitates fractional ownership, lowering entry barriers and democratizing access to high-yield properties. Utilizing technology, RealX integrates digital assets into traditional portfolios, reshaping wealth management strategies. Its commitment to compliance and operational efficiency in transactions like the 2,400 sq. ft. residential property deal underscores its leadership in blending finance, law, and technology in real estate investment.

Best Fintech Banking Startup in North America 2023

Frank Mortgage

Frank Mortgage, redefining Canada's online mortgage brokerage, champions technology-driven, customer-centric services. Its mission to create an accessible, transparent mortgage marketplace aligns with the evolving financial autonomy of consumers. Eliminating broker commissions, even for underserved groups, it ensures equitable access. Utilizing AI and a fully online process, Frank Mortgage demystifies mortgages, empowering consumers with financial literacy and competitive rates, like the best 5-year fixed rate at 5.45% and variable rate at 6.10%. This approach positions Frank Mortgage as a leader in fintech innovation and consumer-oriented service excellence.

Best Fintech Banking Startup in Canada 2023

Neo Financial

Neo Financial, a fintech unicorn valued at $1 billion as of May 2023, has redefined the financial industry with its innovative and reliable services. Ranked #1 on LinkedIn’s top 15 Canadian FinTech and AI startups list for 2022 and 2023, the company excels in online lending, offering a digital wallet and AI-enhanced in-app learning. With fast approvals, fee-free transactions, and a comprehensive suite of personal finance tools, Neo Financial provides an integrated solution for managing, saving, and earning money. Its focus on cybersecurity and strategic commitment to serving Canadians further solidify its position as a leader in the fintech space.

Best Banking Startup in Saudi Arabia in 2023

Arib for Digital Brokerage

Arib, formerly, stands as a transformative force in Saudi Arabia's financial services. It simplifies the financing process for consumers and institutions, providing a platform that amalgamates real-time financing offers. Compliant with Saudi Central Bank regulations, Arib efficiently serves remote areas and is recognized for its innovation and commitment to financial inclusivity, making it a leader in its sector.

Best InsurTech Startup in India 2023


Finsall, a leader in India's insurance premium financing, revolutionizes the sector with its digital-first approach, enabling rapid, efficient financing. Catering to diverse insurance categories, it offers financial accessibility with competitive rates and no collateral requirements. Trusted by insurance companies and intermediaries, Finsall's innovative, customer-centric model and technological prowess mark it as an industry standout.

Best Remittance Platform in India 2023


Antlia Fintech, an enterprise revolutionizing the Indian fintech landscape, is bridging the urban-rural financial divide. With a focus on inclusivity and an expansive service portfolio, Antlia targets socio-economic empowerment, particularly in India's rural and semi-rural areas. Its approach disrupts the urban-centric financial model, contributing significantly to financial inclusion. Key to Antlia's success is its deep understanding of consumer behaviors across urban and rural settings, supported by a vast network of over 40,000 retail outlets and 100 Express stores. Offering over 40 financial services, including investments and digital payments, Antlia stimulates local economies and employment. Its unique "Express Money Stores" serve as community financial hubs, fostering localized economic development. Led by Ashok Gupta and Rajesh P. Sinha, Antlia has ambitious goals for expansion, aiming to strengthen its presence in e-payment solutions and increase employment opportunities. This strategic approach positions Antlia as a formidable leader in fintech, contributing to India's digitalization and deserving of industry accolades.

Best M&A Advisory in Mexico 2023

VACE Partners

VACE Partners, established in 2009 in Mexico, has emerged as a leading independent advisory firm in investment banking, demonstrating remarkable capabilities in orchestrating USD 110 billion across 90 transactions. Specializing in mergers and acquisitions, debt structuring and restructuring, and capital markets advisory, the firm is renowned for its client-centric approach and expertise across various sectors. Its six-decade-spanning experience pool has enabled it to offer comprehensive solutions in financial liabilities, capitalizing on its deep understanding of capital structures and market dynamics. VACE's success in capital markets advisory, including IPOs and equity transactions, is notable for raising capital efficiently and positioning clients for growth. The firm's integrity, ethical standards, and dedication to client relationships set it apart, making it a respected name in Mexican finance and a strong candidate for leadership recognition in the global financial services industry.

Best Family Office Advisors in South Africa 2023

Sapphire Global Financial Services

Sapphire Global, headquartered in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, and Cape Town, South Africa, sets a high standard in the financial services sector with its commitment to transparency, integrity, and client service. As a licensed financial services provider (license number 51022), the firm individualizes services to meet each client's unique financial journey, offering a range of services including financial planning, investment management, risk assessment, and specialized family office services. Notably, Sapphire Global offers both conventional and Shariah-compliant investment and insurance products, catering to a diverse clientele. CEO Dr. Shakir Jeeva's leadership emphasizes continuous learning and client-centricity. The firm's use of advanced technology and competitive pricing further enhance its offerings. Sapphire Global's holistic approach to financial well-being and legacy creation sets it apart, making it a worthy nominee for top financial advisory honors.

Best Banking Startup in Asia 2023


Kapwise distinguishes itself in the fintech landscape with a unique blend of advanced technology and a human-centric approach to financial wellness. Beyond offering transactional services, it provides comprehensive solutions for financial planning, management, and growth, utilizing AI and Machine Learning. Its mission focuses on holistic financial solutions including debt management and tax optimization, aiming for societal improvement and financial wellness accessibility. Kapwise’s ethos of transparency and trustworthiness, combined with a diverse, skilled team, drives its competitive edge. It represents the synergy of technological innovation and societal benefit, emerging as a leader in holistic financial wellness.

Best New Business Tech in Mexico 2023

Equality Company

Equality Company stands out in the global financial sector, focusing on financial inclusion through advanced technology. Operating in 17 countries with over 240 partnerships, it has issued over three million credits using its technological ecosystem. Beyond numbers, the company aims to unlock potential across socio-economic levels, particularly in emerging markets. Its innovations include a state-of-the-art Know Your Customer (KYC) solution using Optical Character Recognition for secure business transactions, and an Alternative Risk Scores tool for assessing creditworthiness without a credit history. Additionally, its Credit Management Platform enhances operational efficiency in credit processes, while Protexion and Device Blocking & Messaging solutions help manage consumer device financing risks. The Passport Payments feature also broadens transaction possibilities. Overall, Equality Company's diverse tech solutions and substantial impact in financial technology mark it as a key player in fostering financial inclusion and market sustainability globally.

Most Innovative in Wealth Management in North America 2023

Accelerate Financial Technologies

Accelerate Financial, a Canadian alternative investment trailblazer, excels in innovation, client engagement, and education. Led by Michael Kesslering, the firm offers exceptional client service and price-sensitive investment handling. Its groundbreaking initiatives include hedge fund ETFs, a 0% management fee structure, and the analytics platform. CEO Julian Klymochko amplifies its educational outreach, benefiting clients and advisors alike. The firm's diverse offerings, like hedge fund and crypto ETFs, emphasize its commitment to modern, responsible financial management, making it a worthy leader in its field.

Best Fraud Detection Software in Canada 2023

Ammolite Analytx

Ammolite Analytx is a premier cybersecurity firm, renowned for customizing security solutions across diverse sectors. Leveraging advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, and quantum computing, their team, with over 60 years of combined experience, excels in cyber intelligence, network security, and high-risk operational training. Their approach embodies technical innovation and operational excellence.

Best Independent Advisors in Canada 2023

Evolve Olistica Wealth Services

Evolve Olistica, a leader in wealth management, emphasizes client empowerment through personalized financial strategies. Their services, focusing on investment, risk management, and lifestyle planning, simplify financial complexities. With a commitment to transparency and client success, they offer comprehensive solutions in estate, disability planning, and more, ensuring long-term client satisfaction and trust.

Best Investment Bank in USA 2023


Bowen, with a 21-year legacy in investment banking, excels in growth technology. Known for its entrepreneurial agility, it offers M&A advisory, private capital, and investment services. Distinguished by integrity and excellence, Bowen boasts a $5.4 billion transaction value, specialized industry knowledge, and a people-centric approach, setting industry benchmarks.

Most Innovative in Lending in Chile 2023

Autocred SPA

Autocred SPA, established in 2022, has revolutionized the used vehicle transaction sector with its end-to-end platform, addressing the last-mile complication in consumer-to-consumer transactions. Under CEO Felipe Lira's leadership, it achieved tenfold growth in 2023, offering rapid financing, risk mitigation, and seamless documentation processes, thereby enhancing customer convenience and security.

Best Fiduciary Services in Australia 2023

My Wealth Solutions

My Wealth Solutions is a leading financial advisory firm known for its inclusive approach, serving clients from all backgrounds. It prioritizes clients' financial well-being, offering tailored, high-quality advice. With a rapidly growing team, it emphasizes professional development and adheres to a core philosophy of continuous improvement and integrity.

Most Innovative in Wealth Management in South Africa 2023

Allegiance Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Allegiance Consulting stands as a leader in financial technology, blending advanced financial engineering with regulatory compliance. Their Avalon Financial Planning Platform, powered by cutting-edge Financial AI, revolutionizes financial planning. Offering vast scale and legal expertise, they provide robust, flexible solutions, emphasizing continuous professional development, setting industry standards in tech innovation and financial insight.

Best Banking Startup in South America 2023


Bemmbo is a leading B2B SaaS platform specializing in financial operations, offering a unified system for accounts payable and receivable and corporate lending. It simplifies payments and integrates seamlessly with ERP systems, enhancing transactional efficiency and financial management across major Latin American markets, notably Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru.

Most Innovative in Wealth Management in Asia 2023

26 Miles club global private limited

26milescapital is a pioneering investment firm combining technological and financial expertise, with a focus on data-driven investments and market-leading returns. Its diversified portfolio, managed by a team of top Indian engineers, ensures robust risk management. The firm emphasizes mathematical and algorithmic precision, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptive growth, while maintaining a commitment to long-term, sustainable investor relationships.

Best Financial Advisors in Canada 2023


CIK Capital, a leading Canadian equipment finance firm, excels in truck loan and lease financing across diverse sectors. Renowned for client-centricity, strategic partnerships, and operational efficiency, it offers customized financial solutions with rapid approvals. Its award-winning services and industry expertise make it a standout in equipment and transportation finance.

Best M&A Advisory in UAE 2023


INSTRAK Venture Capital Berhad is a leading financial firm in Malaysia, specializing in digital banking, fintech, and corporate finance. Established in 2000, it focuses on innovative financial solutions, risk mitigation, and corporate governance. With plans for global expansion and listing on major stock exchanges, INSTRAKVC epitomizes excellence in venture capitalism.

Best Financial Advisors in EMEA 2023

Trussbridge Advisory (DIFC) Limited

Trussbridge, a distinguished financial services firm in the Middle East, excels in offering strategic financial advisory and capital-raising solutions. Renowned for its expertise in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and capital markets, the firm is noted for its independent, client-centric approach, emphasizing integrity and tailored, region-specific solutio

Most Innovative in Fintech Wealth Management in Indonesia 2023


SayaKaya is an innovative financial services company in Indonesia, renowned for its regulatory compliance and a focus on investor engagement. It offers a secure platform with top mutual funds, prioritizing financial literacy and inclusivity, especially among female, Millennial, and Gen Z investors. Features like 'Visualize Your Dreams' and 'Joint Investment' enhance user experience, making SayaKaya a leader in investment management and a model of industry excellence.

Best New Bank in Asia 2023

UNO Bank

UNO Digital Bank, a trailblazer in the fintech sector, was licensed in June 2021 by the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas. It offers innovative, inclusive financial products like #UNOready, #UNOearn, and #UNOnow, leveraging AI for personalized services. With over 750,000 customers and robust growth, it prioritizes sustainability and customer experience.

Best Web3 Solution in Switzerland 2023


Powerledger, founded in 2016, revolutionizes energy trading with blockchain technology. Its software enables efficient tracking, trading, and visualization of energy and carbon credits, enhancing grid stability and renewable integration. With over 30 projects worldwide, it facilitates peer-to-peer trading and environmental commodity markets, leveraging its adapted Solana blockchain for high efficiency.

Best Formation Advisors in EMEA 2023

VVouch Accounting Services Co

VVouch is a dynamic accounting firm renowned for its clarity and reliability. With a team of seasoned professionals, it offers comprehensive services including accounting, tax, and financial consulting. Prioritizing transparency, innovation, and excellence, VVouch excels in simplifying complex financial matters, positioning itself as a leader in the industry.

Best InsurTech Startup in India 2023


ADIS Technologies, an Indian agritech startup, revolutionizes animal management with its patented biometric identification system. Their app offers non-invasive digital tagging, ensuring unique, immutable animal identities. This technology facilitates real-time monitoring, enhances traceability, and integrates into a comprehensive ERP tool, transforming traditional livestock management into a sustainable, data-driven practice.

Best Broker in Turkey 2023

CEESS Global

CEESS Global, established 24 years ago in Trabzon, is a multifaceted multinational corporation specializing in real estate, finance, construction, tourism, and technology. Distinguished by its innovative integration of NFTs, Token, and Metaverse projects, the company excels in operational efficiency, customer-centric services, and strategic global partnerships.

Most Innovative in Lending in Asia 2023

Upwards Fintech Pvt. Ltd

Upwards Fintech, founded in 2017, revolutionizes consumer lending in India with innovative, real-time, paperless credit solutions. By leveraging advanced technology and data science, it serves mainstream and underserved markets, achieving significant market traction with 10 million sign-ups, robust investor backing, and prestigious awards, while emphasizing affordable, accessible loans.

Most Innovative in Lending in Australia 2023


FrontYa, founded in 2022, is an innovative company at the forefront of addressing the 'deposit gap' challenge in Australian residential real estate. It offers a unique financing solution that co-invests in properties, providing 50% of the deposit and stamp duty while expecting a share in property appreciation. FrontYa leverages AI-driven underwriting and risk-based pricing, making homeownership accessible without affecting serviceability. It collaborates with academic experts, like Professor Rachel Ong ViforJ, and prioritizes social impact by supporting first-time homebuyers. FrontYa's multifaceted approach and technological innovation make it a leader in the industry, bridging the gap to homeownership.

Most Innovative in Lending in USA 2023

Pure Finance Group

Pure Finance Group is a leading player in the home improvement finance industry, renowned for its transparent and automated lending solutions. Their commitment to quick loan approvals, strategic partnerships in payment technology, and tailored services for businesses of all sizes make them a disruptive force in the field, prioritizing client success and innovation.

Best FX Broker in Europe 2023

GO Markets

GO Markets, established in 2006, is a distinguished leader in online forex and CFD brokerage. With over 17 years of experience, it boasts multiple regulatory accreditations, a wide range of advanced trading platforms, a diverse product portfolio, competitive pricing, exceptional customer service, and comprehensive educational resources. GO Markets is a trusted and innovative choice for traders worldwide.

Best International Enterprise Zone in Asia 2023

IFE Istanbul Institute of Finance

The Istanbul Institute of Finance (IFE) is a distinguished institution at the forefront of financial education. With a comprehensive curriculum, international certificate programs, and a commitment to sustainability, IFE prepares finance professionals for success in today's dynamic landscape. Its adaptability, global affiliations, and diverse instructional methods make it a leader in shaping the finance industry.

Best Crypto Trading Platform in North America in 2023


ByteX, established in 2021, is a pioneering force in cryptocurrency trading and decentralized finance. With over 1 million users worldwide, ByteX stands out for its innovative CeDeFi platform, combining the security of centralized exchanges with the autonomy of DeFi. Emphasizing regulatory compliance, asset protection, transparency, and global accessibility, ByteX is reshaping the industry as a trusted leader.

Most Innovative in Lending in Australia


PressPay is a financial services disruptor in Australia, revolutionizing cash flow management with innovative solutions. Their flagship service, PressPay Advance, offers instant access to earned income for a flat 5% fee, replacing traditional payroll cycles. PressPay Shop allows fee-free access to earnings through digital shop cards, promoting responsible spending. PressPay Learn provides free financial education, complemented by Ella, their AI-powered assistant. With a mission to ease cost-of-living pressures, PressPay's agile, consumer-centric approach makes them a leader in financial innovation.

Most Innovative in Lending in Asia 2023


Flow48 is a pioneering fintech firm in the United Arab Emirates, founded in December 2021 under the leadership of Idriss Alrifai. It specializes in providing innovative working capital financing solutions to SMEs in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. With a focus on addressing information asymmetry, B2B partnerships, and a customer-centric approach, Flow48 has quickly become a leader in the industry, offering accessible and efficient financial products to SMEs while reshaping the GCC's SME financing landscape.

Most Innovative in Payments in Mexico 2023


Klu is a leading player in the field of corporate digital banking, renowned for its comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to modern businesses. With a focus on seamless integration and user-friendly platforms, Klu offers a wide range of services, including foreign exchange solutions, corporate cards, expense management, and even a crypto ramp-up solution. Their commitment to client needs and technological innovation sets a new industry standard for corporate banking.

Most Innovative in Lending in Mexico 2023

Sunbank Natural Energy

Sunbank is a leading player in the solar energy industry, renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability. With a focus on long-term sustainability, strategic collaborations with top-tier brands, and a certified partner network, Sunbank delivers top-notch solar solutions. Their innovative financing models make renewable energy accessible, while engineering and technology initiatives ensure efficiency and transparency. With a track record of 75 successful projects, 2118 panels installed, and $9,000,000 in savings for clients, Sunbank stands as a trusted leader in the field.

Best Independent Advisors in Canada

Balance and Wealth CPA

Balance and Wealth CPA, a virtual firm in Canada, offers tailored financial services with tax expertise, led by Gabrielle. It also provides cost-effective consulting and automated bookkeeping solutions, all driven by cutting-edge technology. Their client-centric approach, with customizable service packages, serves diverse clientele, making them a standout leader in the industry.

Best Fiduciary Services in MENA 2023

ONS FinServ Ltd

O.N.S. FinServ Ltd. excels in financial services by blending local expertise with a global perspective. Adhering to FSC regulations, it offers a wide range of services like Corporate and FATCA/CRS, Company Incorporation, and Fund Administration. With a focus on client-centricity, digital efficiency, and a highly skilled team, it stands as a distinguished, reliable industry leader.

Best Trust & Trustee Services in UAE 2023

KBA Services LLC

KBA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC in Dubai is a distinguished accounting firm, certified by the UAE Federal Tax Authority. Offering a wide range of services including tax consultancy, bookkeeping, and business advisory, it caters to diverse sectors with a commitment to excellence, underscored by prestigious awards and a skilled team.

Best Fraud Detection Software in UAE 2023 revolutionizes restaurant operations with its Smart QR Restaurant Menu, enabling direct ordering and payment via smartphones. It offers secure, diverse payment options, bill splitting, and real-time menu editing, enhancing customer experience and managerial efficiency. Its integration with POS systems further streamlines inventory and sales management.

Most Innovative in in Wealth Management in Asia 2023

Capital Quant Solutions Pvt Ltd

Capital Quant Solutions (CQS) excels in the financial services industry with innovative SaaS products like FinStinct and FinView. Leveraging Machine Learning and NLP, CQS transforms data analysis in lending and wealth management, streamlining decision-making and enhancing customer engagement. Its notable clientele includes major Indian exchanges and global financial institutions.

Best Web3 Solution in UK 2023

Merlin by VALK

Merlin by VALK is a revolutionary platform in the blockchain and DeFi sectors, offering advanced analytics tools for interpreting on-chain data. Its automated interpretation layer, extensive API support, and smart contract analysis simplify complex transactions, aiding investors, institutions, and accountants in compliance, risk assessment, and decision-making across multiple blockchain networks.

Best eKYC Solution in India 2023

Oneture Technologies

Oneture is a leader in technology consulting and digital transformation, excelling in innovative solutions like AI, machine learning, and big data. Their unique approach blends startup agility with enterprise maturity, offering end-to-end services from product development to data strategy, solidifying their reputation in driving transformative business growth and technological advancements.

Best Independent Advisors in Africa 2023

PepperTree Capital

PepperTree Capital specializes in financial advisory and capital-raising for Africa's energy and infrastructure sectors. Renowned for its rigorous analysis, expert financial modeling, and effective deal-making, the firm boasts over 70 years of collective experience and a distinguished track record in project and export credit financing.

Best Financial Advisors in UAE 2023


APPRO revolutionizes consumer financial services with its digital platform, streamlining the loan application process. It offers rapid, pre-approved credit in 24 hours, simplifies applications with a 'One Form' model, and ensures competitive rates. This approach democratizes access, enhances customer satisfaction, and sets new industry standards.

Best Financial Advisors in Africa 2023

Brytech Holdings

Brytech Holdings, a South African industry leader, excels in business advisory, accounting, tax consultancy, and digital marketing. Known for its comprehensive approach, the firm skillfully navigates company registration, optimizes financial management, offers strategic tax advice, and enhances digital presence, all underpinned by a client-centric ethos and ethical business practices.

Best Logistics Automation Solution in South Korea 2023

SwatchOn Co., Ltd

SwatchOn, a leading fabric sourcing firm, revolutionizes the industry with over 150,000 fabric options from 500+ suppliers, emphasizing sustainability with 10,000+ eco-friendly choices. It offers digital, client-focused services, low MOQs, bulk discounts, and real-time supply chain transparency, catering to both emerging designers and established enterprises.

Best Recruitment Agency in USA 2023

Careers On The Move

Careers On The Move is a boutique executive search firm excelling in financial services, risk management, and business valuation. Established in 2000, it offers tailored recruitment strategies, ensuring candidate-client alignment, and has been recognized by industry accolades. The firm's global reach and consultative approach make it a leader in strategic talent acquisition.

Best Multi-Modal Logistics Solution in Turkey 2023

Elka World

Elka World Group of Companies, based in Turkey, offers a comprehensive range of services including foreign trade, logistics, customs clearance, IT solutions, quality assurance, storage, consulting, and construction materials, exemplifying operational excellence and innovation to enhance Turkey's export capacity and global trade presence.

Most Innovative in Lending in USA 2023

My Home Pathway

My Home Pathway offers a tech-based platform providing personalized financial guidance, education, and integrated loan pre-approval to simplify the homeownership journey. Its free services aim to foster financial literacy and empower a diverse clientele towards sustainable homeownership, reflecting a commitment to inclusivity and societal advancement in the real estate sector.

Most Innovative in Payments in Turkey 2023

CIO Kurumsal

CIO Kurumsal stands as a pioneering force in delivering integrated technological solutions for businesses, characterized by its commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. They provide tailored services like CIOPetrol, CIOCard, and CIOGift, enhancing operational efficiency, offering tax advantages, and bolstering employee satisfaction, thereby aligning with the dual goals of operational excellence and cost optimization.

Best FinTech Banking Startup in USA 2023


Mozrt is a pioneering financial technology company founded in 2019 by Jeff Althaus in Minnesota. It specializes in bridging the gap between traditional financial institutions and modern fintech solutions. Focused on compliance, Mozrt offers a robust platform that helps banks and credit unions navigate the complexities of payments and FX with an API-first approach. Its core solution, OnCore, supports 24/7 real-time banking, facilitating integrated digital payment solutions. With a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and regulatory compliance, Mozrt stands as a leader in the fintech space, catering to both established financial entities and forward-thinking tech companies.

Most Innovative in Lending in India 2023

TradeReboot Fintech Private Limited

TradeReboot, a linchpin in India's fintech ecosystem, empowers exporters and importers, especially SMEs, through digital transformation. By leveraging blockchain and smart contracts, it offers secure, transparent financial services like invoice discounting and supply chain finance, facilitating smoother cross-border transactions. Strategic partnerships with global banks enhance its credibility, making it a robust, innovative platform for democratizing trade finance.

Most Innovative in Payments in Saudi Arabia 2023


WOSUL excels in providing cloud-based selling systems, ensuring operational continuity and real-time analysis across multiple platforms. With a focus on sustainability, regulatory compliance, and third-party connectivity, it offers a well-rounded hardware suite and 24/7 technical support, making it a holistic solutions partner for modern enterprises.

Best Local Mortgage Advisors in USA 2023

Wesley Financial

Wesley Financial Group, a prominent figure in the timeshare industry since 2011, is celebrated for its client advocacy and proven results. With over 30,000 timeshare cancellations, elimination of $450 million in mortgage debt, and a high consumer rating, they excel in delivering financial relief through a client-centered, in-house process.

Best FinTech Wealth Management in Canada 2023

Super Advisor

Super Advisor pioneers a modernized financial advisory realm through its innovative platform, fostering authentic advisor-client interactions. It champions operational efficiency, community-building, brand personalization, and real-time data analytics. Bridging digital proficiency with human-centric values, it significantly enhances service quality, carving a distinct niche as an industry trailblazer.

Best FinTech Wealth Management in Australia 2023


QuietGrowth, an esteemed robo-advisory firm in Australia, melds cutting-edge technology with financial acumen to offer algorithm-driven portfolio management. Its low-fee, client-centric model, robust risk assessment, and a blend of digital and human expertise democratize strategic investing, making it a notable leader in the fintech sector.

Most Innovative in Payments in Canada 2023

Paramount Commerce

Paramount Commerce, with 20 years in the payments technology sector, showcases a holistic, innovative approach in facilitating seamless transactions via multiple payment rails. Its pioneering solutions, robust fraud mitigation, and financial independence underscore its leadership, significantly enhancing user and merchant experiences in digital payments, across varied industries like iGaming and eCommerce.

Best Financial Advisors in Singapore 2023

Odyssey Limited

The Odyssey Group Ltd, a distinguished Asian-based Private Market Asset Manager, excels in identifying undervalued investments across alternative credit, real estate, private equity, and hedge funds. Its meticulous due-diligence, seasoned team, client-centric ethos, and long-term focus underscore its industry exemplar status, delivering value-oriented, risk-adjusted returns alongside trusted partnerships.

Most Innovative in Payments in Africa 2023

Happy Pay

Happy Pay, an African embedded finance platform, offers innovative payment solutions utilizing AI and open banking. Notably, its 'Buy Now, Pay Later' model allows flexible payments without extra charges. Dedicated to sustainability, it pledges 1% of fees to environmental initiatives. Its transparent, merchant-centric approach fosters a balanced financial technology ecosystem.

Best Financial Advisors in Europe 2023

Golden Falcon

Golden Falcon is a distinguished player in trading and logistics for agricultural and petrochemical products, with strong market presence in the EU, Middle East, and Asia. Dominating specialized markets like sunflower and soybean oil, it demonstrates expertise across trading, finance, dealer support, and risk mitigation, underlined by a robust financial and operational strategy.

Best Independent Advisors in USA 2023

Club Capital

Club Capital specializes in providing tailored financial services to insurance agency owners across all 50 states. With a client base solely comprising insurance agents, they offer precise solutions including monthly accounting, tax, and CFO services. Managing $400 million in agency revenue, they leverage innovative cloud-based platforms to ensure fiscal accuracy and growth.

Most Innovative in Payments in Mexico 2023


Clara, a leading spend management solution in Latin America, offers end-to-end financial services including locally-issued corporate cards, Bill Pay, and strategic financing, integrated on a user-friendly platform. Renowned for simplifying financial processes across sectors, its accolades, strong investor backing, and global talent acquisition underline its market leadership and impactful contributions.

Best Trust & Trustee Services in Turkey 2023


BTD International Fund House, based in Turkey, excels in international investment, showcasing expertise across diverse sectors like trading, real estate, and education. Established in 2004, BTD significantly impacted Iraq's financial sector, introduced innovative payment solutions, and expanded globally, adhering to high industry standards, thereby establishing itself as a financial powerhouse.

Best Forex Trading Platform in North America 2023

Excent Capital Ltd

Excent Capital Ltd is a customer-centric financial firm dedicated to helping clients and partners achieve their dreams. With a focus on agility, a dedicated and experienced workforce, ongoing technological innovation, a customer-first approach, and unwavering integrity, they provide an exceptional trading experience and cutting-edge technology to empower clients in shaping their financial future.

Best Innovative in Lending in Europe 2023


Quotanda, a SaaS company, is dedicated to democratizing education access. They digitize financial aid processes for educational institutions, foundations, and governments, enabling students to pursue education seamlessly. Additionally, Quotanda offers Careerscore, a job application tracking tool, facilitating post-education job placement for countless students globally.

Most Innovative in Payments in Canada 2023


Buckzy Payments Inc., founded in 2018, has emerged as a global leader in revolutionizing cross-border payments and financial services. With an impressive array of over 200 APIs, Buckzy empowers financial institutions and fintechs worldwide with secure, real-time cross-border payment solutions. Their mission is to provide a safe, convenient, and real-time global payments ecosystem, making them a key player in reshaping the future of money movement. Notable investors include Dash40, Mistral Venture Partners, Revel Partners, and Uncorrelated Ventures.

Best Local Mortgage Advisors in Australia 2023

First Aid Finance

First Aid Finance is a distinguished financial service provider renowned for its specialization and client-centric approach, catering exclusively to allied health professionals. Their unique value proposition encompasses bespoke solutions for clinic acquisitions and private practice initiation, coupled with comprehensive debt strategy guidance. Committed to understanding individual client needs, they foster financial literacy and long-term relationships, setting them apart as an industry leader.

Best Independent Advisors in MENA 2023

Wimbledon Wealth

Wimbledon Wealth, led by founder Sophia Bhatti, offers bespoke asset strategies rooted in decades of experience and a commitment to simplicity, transparency, and personal relationships. With a track record in major financial institutions, Sophia brings real-world insights to tailor investments to individual preferences. Clients benefit from a trustworthy, process-driven approach, empowering them to prosper and live life to the fullest.

Most Trusted Forex Broker in India 2023

Nuvama Professional Clients Group

Nuvama Asset Services is a comprehensive solution for asset managers, offering a wide range of integrated services spanning various asset classes. Their services encompass Fund Setup Advisory, India Access, Securities Custody & Clearing, Fund Accounting, Research & Execution Services, and Back Office Support. Nuvama fosters enduring relationships with clients, providing both strategic guidance and operational assistance to meet investment requirements. Their client base includes Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs), Mutual funds, Alternate Investment Funds, Portfolio Management Services, Domestic Brokers, Corporate Treasuries, and High Net worth Individuals (HNIs). With cutting-edge infrastructure, specialized research, robust algorithmic capabilities, execution platform, and support services, Nuvama ensures maximum value for its clients.

Best Financial Advisors in Mexico 2023


A-count is a professional accounting service tailored to individuals engaged in business activities and Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs). With a proven track record of recovering over 1,000,000 MXN in balances for clients from SAT, A-count is your trusted partner in financial matters. Their expertise ensures quick and hassle-free accounting, and their blog offers valuable insights into financial management. Contact A-count today for expert assistance with your accounting needs, and stay updated with their financial tips on Instagram.

Most Innovative in Wealth Management in India 2023

Money Factory AI

Money Factory AI is a cutting-edge investment platform that utilizes quantitative-based strategies and artificial intelligence to revolutionize the world of investing. It offers personalized portfolio recommendations based on the best-performing stocks, empowering individuals to make informed financial decisions. With automated systems, it simplifies the complex world of finance, saving time and effort. Money Factory AI is known for its affordability, offering subscription plans without expensive advisors or commissions. Whether you're a novice or an experienced investor, Money Factory AI provides three distinct modes - Simulated, Assisted, and Automatic, to suit your investment journey. Start building wealth today with Money Factory AI.

Most Innovative in Lending in Canada 2023 is a cutting-edge mortgage financing solution designed to revolutionize the industry. With a focus on efficiency and personalization, offers automated underwriting, secure document storage, income validation, auto valuation models, and digital authentication. By streamlining the mortgage approval process, it ensures quicker approvals, eliminates the need for appointments, and reduces fees, making mortgage lending more accessible and stress-free for both lenders and borrowers. The team's extensive industry experience drives their mission to enhance mortgage financing through AI-powered innovation.

Best Supply Chain Optimization Solution in North America 2023


VentUp is a leading B2B e-commerce platform in Latin America, specializing in connecting restaurants and suppliers. With over two decades of industry expertise, VentUp addresses key challenges faced by businesses in the food sector. It empowers users to make informed decisions through insightful indicators, streamlines operations, ensures real-time access to crucial information, offers a VentUp Credit Score for tailored solutions, and provides comprehensive dashboards and reports. This platform is the missing piece for those looking to enhance efficiency, reduce food waste, and access financial services in the Latin American food industry.

Most Innovative in Payments in North America 2023


MassPay is a global payment solutions provider that specializes in hyper-localized payment and payout services. With a strong global presence and a wide network of partners, MassPay ensures seamless transactions in over 175 countries, offering a range of preferred payment methods and local currencies. Their single REST API simplifies integration, streamlining payment operations for businesses. MassPay's Financial Intelligence optimizes transaction choices, while Payment and Payout Intelligence enhance authorization rates and payee satisfaction. Choose MassPay for efficient and profitable global payment operations, backed by their commitment to making complexity simple.

Best Investment Bank in Australia 2023

Orbit Futures

Orbit Futures, founded in Sydney, Australia in 1991, has grown into a global, multidisciplinary organization with offices spanning Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, South America, and Africa. It offers high-level services simplifying complex operating environments, providing access to Private Structured Financial Opportunities (PSFOs) with historically high returns, guiding investors into untapped New Global Markets (NGMs), facilitating turn-key projects for governments and international corporations, supporting sustainable development, and managing global trade and logistics.

Most Innovative in Wealth Management in Canada 2023

Technical Traders Ltd.

Technical Traders specializes in safeguarding individual investors' portfolios against value depreciation. Our Asset Revesting approach strategically allocates capital into assets with upward momentum, ensuring consistent growth and risk mitigation. We meticulously analyze markets, sectors, commodities, and currencies to craft these strategies. We offer unique solutions that profit from market fluctuations, prioritizing logic over traditional diversified investments. Our commitment to following market trends, coupled with decades of trading and risk management experience, underpins our disciplined approach to capital preservation and appreciation.

Best Financial Advisors in the USA 2023

Ximplifi Accounting Simplified

Ximplifi specializes in vacation rental accounting solutions, streamlining data entry through automation and integrating modern platforms. Offering scalable VRAccounting Membership tiers and robust tools like VRPlatform®, Ximplifi enhances transparency, financial clarity, and operational efficiency for property managers, addressing the complexities of trust accounting and financial data consolidation.

Best Independent Advisors in Asia 2023

Axiom Consultants & Partners

Axiom Consultants & Partners is a leading consulting firm specializing in accounting, tax, and operations. Renowned for its dual capability of ideation and implementation, the firm offers bespoke solutions across sectors, ensuring compliance, integrity, and innovation. Their comprehensive services, ethical grounding, and operational agility make them an industry frontrunner.

Best Local Mortgage Advisors in Canada 2023


Perch is a Canadian PropTech leader specializing in streamlining mortgage processes through digital infrastructure. By combining multiple transaction steps into one platform, they offer a seamless experience for homebuyers. Their commitment to transparency, consumer empowerment, and financial literacy distinguishes them in the mortgage lending space

Best Remittance App in Asia 2023


PeP is a leading digital finance firm, specializing in customer-centric services. Renowned for its Multi-Currency Account feature, PeP simplifies international transactions. Additionally, the Pegasus BolBol Card integrates travel rewards, while their Visa and Virtual Cards prioritize security. With cost-effective solutions and a comprehensive mobile app, PeP redefines modern banking.

Most Innovative in Payments in India 2023


FidyPay, a leader in Banking as a Service (BaaS), offers API-driven financial solutions primarily in the Indian market. Serving both FinTech and non-FinTech sectors, the company excels with over 4 lakh daily API calls, benefiting 65 million customers. With 2,000 B2B clients, FidyPay strategically enhances financial integration and operational efficiency.

Best Web3 Solution in Singapore 2023


InvestaX is a leading fintech firm specializing in asset tokenization. Bridging traditional finance and DeFi, its SaaS platform offers comprehensive asset tokenization services, including the innovative IX Swap. With a focus on compliance, interoperability, and ESG, InvestaX has fostered international outreach, solidifying its position in the global finance arena.

Best Forex Trading Platform in Saudi Arabia 2023


GFX Securities is an industry-leading brokerage emphasizing investor education, transparent dealings, and technological innovation. With a commitment to Islamic values and Sharia-compliant accounts, they prioritize ethical operations. Utilizing MetaTrader 5, they offer top-tier trading experiences, promoting informed trading and global inclusivity with "no hidden commission

Best International Enterprise Zone in Asia 2023

Express Trade Finance

Express Trade Finance (ETF) excels in trade finance with meticulous financial structuring and client-focused services. With key market presence in India and the UAE, ETF offers tailored, non-collateral based Letters of Credit, streamlining transactions and enhancing cash flow. Prioritizing oversight and customization, ETF consistently demonstrates reliability and industry leadership.

Most Innovative in Payments in United Kingdom 2023


Unlimit, founded in 2009, excels in eliminating financial borders for global businesses. With its vast presence across four continents, the firm adeptly manages portfolios, offers innovative payment solutions, and streamlines international operations through Multi-currency IBAN accounts. Dedicated to continuous innovation, Unlimit empowers businesses to efficiently capitalize on worldwide opportunities.

Best Crypto Fund in Asia 2023

Make-it Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Make-It Singapore specializes in blockchain and cryptocurrency investments, offering diversified portfolios through the Make-It Capital Fund. Catering to a global, high-caliber clientele, they prioritize innovation, community-building, and bespoke investment opportunities, establishing themselves as a trusted leader in the digital asset market

Most Innovative in Lending in India 2023 is a leading educational finance platform using AI-driven underwriting focused on student employability over traditional credit metrics. Offering diverse financial solutions, from educational loans to savings, the company emphasizes a student-centric approach, bridging socio-economic gaps, and fostering merit-based educational opportunities.

Best Fintech App in Australia 2023

Verve Money

Verve Money, established in 2018, champions sustainable investment and gender equity, focusing on underserved female demographics. With over $230 million redirected from non-sustainable sectors, Verve promotes ethical investing. Through their educational platform, Verve Learn, and emphasis on gender-balanced portfolios, they combine fiscal responsibility with social change, without compromising returns.

Best Fintech Wealth Management in North America 2023

Collective Liquidity

In the private financial market, Collective Liquidity offers innovative solutions for unicorn shareholders. Merging deep market expertise with groundbreaking tools like the Collective Exchange Fund and the Exchange Loan, they simplify wealth management, ensuring liquidity and risk diversification. Their operational efficiency and client-centric approach distinguish them as industry pioneers.

Best Web3 Project South Africa 2023


Toco is a groundbreaking currency that enables users to turn their regular purchases into climate action. By representing one tonne of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere per unit, Toco empowers individuals to actively combat climate change. With every transaction, users contribute to carbon reduction, making Toco the world's pioneer in atmospheric carbon removal.

Best Specialty FX Solution India 2023


Reeudo, a pioneering Indian start-up established during the 2020 lockdown, specializes in cross-border payments for students facing challenges with tuition fees and monthly expenses abroad. Collaborating virtually, the founding team expanded Reeudo's global reach, now serving students and institutions in 25+ countries and multiple currencies. Winner of prestigious awards like MEITY and HSBC's Fintech Innovation challenge, Reeudo aims to become India's largest aggregator site for education consultants, fostering a better ecosystem for students post-travel. The platform ensures secure student fund deposits in an escrow system and streamlines the entire payment journey through digital workflows and partnerships with global banks, ultimately enhancing the seamless experience for aspiring Indian students studying abroad.

Best Escrow Platform Asia 2023

Escrowpay India

At Escrowpay India, we lead the world in payments, continuously investing in cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to deliver smarter, more secure payment solutions. With a cloud-native platform, we ensure faster speed to market, empowering your growth with seamless, secure, and scalable technology. Trusted by 65 million SMEs, our versatile platform enables safe transactions anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Best Alternative Payment Solution 2023


In the dynamic world of global finance, 3XGATE shines as a trailblazer in providing innovative payment solutions for high-risk industries like Forex, Betting, and Gambling. Their diverse range of over 150 payment methods, catering to regions like Asia, Africa, the GCC, and LATAM, sets them apart as a bridge between high-risk enterprises and the payment world.

Best Lending Solution India 2023

Seeds Fincap

Seeds Fincap Pvt. Ltd. is a non-deposit-taking NBFC based in Gurugram, India, committed to supporting the growth of MSMEs. The company offers targeted financial products such as unsecured and secured loans to eligible micro and small businesses, fostering entrepreneurship and facilitating economic growth in the country.

Best Payment Solution India 2023


Mswipe is a leading digital payment solution, providing versatile POS terminals for card, wallet, mobile app, contactless, and QR payments. They offer 24x7 customer support in 7 languages, affordable rates with no hidden costs, and value-added services like exclusive loans and instant settlements. Mswipe is committed to being the preferred digital partner for merchants.

Best Alternative Investment Solution India 2023

Collectibles Khazana

Collectibles Khazana is an online marketplace offering an expansive range of banknotes, coins, stamps, and other collectibles. It empowers collectors by facilitating economical asset appreciation, ensuring transparency, and providing liquidity to sellers. The platform aims to preserve cultural heritage while establishing collectibles as a viable investment class.

Best Fintech Indonesia 2023


Bursaku is a comprehensive digital financial platform offering seamless transaction services. It supports diverse payment methods, QR code transactions, custom virtual accounts, e-wallets, and mass transfers. With a user-friendly interface, it allows easy creation of payment links and accepts major credit cards.

Best Advisory Firm India 2023


Avener Capital is a premier Private Equity and M&A Advisory firm, known for structuring value-maximizing deals through deep investor relations and sectoral expertise. The firm excels in providing strategic growth opportunities, superior financial solutions, and curated debt syndication, ensuring optimal outcomes for its clients in diverse financial landscapes.

Most Innovative Web3 Solution India 2023

Brú Finance

Brú Finance is a DeFi lending platform tokenizing real-world assets, creating bankless finance options globally. With $600 million tokenized assets, it introduces Fixed Income Asset-Backed Bonds, mitigating liquidity risks. The first to offer asset-backed bonds in emerging markets, Brú facilitates stable earnings for depositors while fostering economic development.

Best Lending Solution Asia 2023 is a Singapore-based fintech firm specializing in AI-powered credit risk modelling platforms. Built by financial and tech experts, they provide lenders with high-accuracy AI credit scorecards, streamlining risk management. Their global team blends financial domain knowledge and advanced technology, offering accessible next-gen fintech solutions worldwide.

Best BNPL Chile 2023


Cleo, established in 2013, offers a unique financial solution, enabling consumers to split payments into three manageable installments without a credit card. By assuming all credit and fraud risks, Cleo improves partner cash flow and reduces business stress. Known for exceptional customer service, Cleo operates successfully in diverse markets globally.

Best Accounting Software UAE 2023

LANA Technology

LANA is an advanced, free accounting software, designed specifically for small businesses in UAE. Its easy-to-use interface streamlines complex accounting tasks while ensuring compliance with IFRS. With key features like automated workflows, precision record-keeping, mobile access, and sophisticated dashboards, LANA empowers informed decision-making, fostering business growth and profitability.

Best Outsourcing Platform India 2023


Funngro, built by passionate educators, tech savants, and finance professionals, empowers teenagers with essential financial skills. A brainchild of loving parents and grateful mentees, Funngro aims to foster financially aware and responsible citizens, enabling them and smart companies to unleash their full potential.

Best Hospitality Solution 2023


Spades is an innovative hospitality firm revolutionizing the dine-in experience with a scan-to-pay platform. Their solution streamlines menu viewing, bill payment, and tipping, elevating customer convenience while reducing wait times. Committed to security, transparency, and eco-consciousness, Spades sets new standards for the future of hospitality.

Best Neo Bank India 2023


moneyHop is a revolutionary, digital-first banking platform for Indian millennials. Offering cross-border solutions, we enable users to save, invest, borrow, and spend seamlessly. Our AI-driven service emphasizes transparency, convenience, and competitive rates for international transfers, all while promoting paperless, cashless banking and effective money management

Most Innovative Fintech Malaysia 2023


NeuXP is a comprehensive digital platform providing integrated financial and lifestyle services globally. It's specifically designed to simplify cross-border transactions for travelers, businesses, students, and expats. By leveraging advanced technologies and a global network, NeuXP aims to transform user experiences beyond borders, offering highly integrated solutions not usually available from other providers.

Best Web3 Solution Canada 2023


Coinchange is a trusted, regulated fintech company, providing innovative digital asset investment services. With automated earnings, institutional crypto funds, and yield-as-a-service, Coinchange enables optimal returns on investments. Emphasizing security, compliance, and risk mitigation, it offers intuitive, integrated solutions for individuals, businesses, and institutions.

Best PE Firm Canada 2023

Lynx Equity Limited

Lynx Equity Limited, founded in 2007, is a private equity firm specializing in acquiring and operating stable, small to medium-sized enterprises across North America, the UK, and Denmark. It offers competitive returns through a unique mix of low purchase prices, Vendor Take Back financing, and high-yield debt issuance.

Best Wealth Management Platform India 2023


Kinntegra is a fintech platform empowering Mutual Fund Distributors with succession planning and business consolidation solutions. Launched in 2018, it focuses on a client-aligned approach, facilitating cost-efficient support, compliance, and technology solutions, while assisting in client acquisition. Kinntegra provides valuable market estimates and fosters a transparent, client-centric experience.

Best HR Solution India 2023


FatakPay is a transformative FinTech solution in India, offering a swift, interest-free virtual credit system. It empowers users with instant digital credit approval for seamless 'scan now, pay later' experiences, both offline and online, fostering financial freedom and enhancing employee welfare experiences.

Best Financial Advisor Latam 2023

Grey Capital

Grey Capital is a multidisciplinary financial consultancy specializing in Investments, Insurance, Legal, and Personal Finance. Leveraging a pragmatic approach and strategic alliances, we offer comprehensive and ethical solutions for individuals and corporate clients, aiming to enhance their financial health and quality of life.

Best Trading Algo Marketplace India 2023


AlgoBulls is a cutting-edge trading platform leveraging AI for automated algorithmic trading. It offers a diverse range of robust, tested strategies and empowers users to build their own. Featuring real trading, paper trading, backtesting, and multi-exchange compatibility, it simplifies trading for novices and experts alike, enabling smarter investment decisions.

Best eKYC Solution India 2023


Accura Scan, a leading KYC compliance innovator, provides real-time AI and ML-based ID Verification. It excels in transaction smoothness, customer onboarding, fraud prevention, and global regulatory compliance, making it a strong contender for the Best eKYC Solution India 2023 award.

Best B2B Payment Solution Brazil 2023


SupPay, a transformative B2B payment solution in Brazil, guarantees payments to mitigate risks, expands financial possibilities through a unique credit system, and offers extended payment terms without upfront fees. By reconciling with client ERP systems in real time, it streamlines operations across a diverse range of industries, fostering a healthier, inclusive business ecosystem.

Best Agritech Solution India 2023

Dvara E-Registry

Dvara E-Registry, an impactful player in India's AgriFinTech sector, uses data analytics and remote sensing technology through its Doordrishti platform to support farmers and FPOs. It democratizes financial credit access and expedites loan processes with end-to-end lending services, while strengthening the agri-value chain. Its real-time crop monitoring and advisory services help mitigate risks and optimize farming activities.

Best Web3 Solution India 2023


Ryzer, India's first blockchain-based tokenized investment platform, democratizes real estate investing by lowering barriers to entry and offering full transparency. Utilizing Polygon ERC-20 blockchain for asset tokenization, it provides decentralized community participation and inclusive investment opportunities. Comprehensive property management, ease of use, and stringent regulatory compliance make Ryzer a remarkable platform in the real estate investment landscape.

Best Investment App UAE 2023

SQ Trading

SQ Trading, a pioneering trading platform, offers an innovative 20-level profit sequence model that makes day trading accessible for both professional and novice investors. It features a minimal investment entry, AI-driven market insights, and an automated, secure onboarding process. The platform emphasizes user-friendly design, risk reduction, and mobile accessibility.

Best Robo Advisor India 2023

Upmarket Fintech

Upmarket Fintech is a cutting-edge robo-advisor platform that empowers traders of all types with advanced tools and strategies. With real-time trading recommendations across various segments and timeframes, professional analysis tools, and a transparent and user-friendly interface, Upmarket ensures informed and strategic decision-making. It is SEBI registered, affordable, and utilizes advanced technology to deliver high-quality, autonomous trading services.

Best FinTech Innovation India 2023


KGiSL is a leading BFSI-focused enterprise software company, specializing in insurance, capital markets, and wealth management. Leveraging ML, AI, analytics, data science, and cloud technologies, KGiSL delivers customer-centric products and services that drive business growth. With a vision to be the preferred partner, KGiSL aims to provide next-gen user experiences, anticipate customer intent, and revolutionize CX in the BFSI industry. Their mission is to deliver outstanding outcomes by empowering clients with innovative technology solutions and fostering empathy to delight customers from the very beginning.

Most Innovative Payment Solution UAE 2023

Comfi Payments

Comfi is a Dubai-based BNPL fintech startup empowering B2B SaaS vendors and their customers. With Comfi, vendors receive upfront payments while offering customers payment flexibility. Startups and SMBs can benefit from discounted annual plans, paying monthly and preserving their cash flow. Comfi increases runway for vendors and saves runway for businesses.

Best Fintech UAE 2023


CrossVal is the future of financial management, offering intuitive and comprehensive tools in just seven steps. It enables users to build financial models, manage finances, and track metrics effortlessly. With features like forecasting, fundraising simulations, and automated tasks, CrossVal streamlines financial operations. Its cloud-based microservices architecture ensures scalability, while cross-validation ensures accuracy. Trusted by clients like and Drive Ninja, CrossVal is the ultimate platform for mastering financial strategy.

Best FX Remittance India 2023


XeOPAR is an innovative FinTech start-up offering a one-touch solution for remittance and cross-border payments. With XeOPAR Remit, users can send small and medium-value remittances in real-time, without hidden costs or high transaction fees. XeOPAR Pay enables seamless spending abroad using local wallets or bank accounts, eliminating the need for forex cards. This multisided platform provides secure and encrypted transactions, interacting with various native payment channels.

Best ESG Solutions Canada 2023

Efficiency Capital

Efficiency Capital (EC) is an Energy-as-a-Service provider specializing in energy retrofit and net-zero projects. Incubated by The Atmospheric Fund, EC partners with various sectors, including commercial and industrial, to optimize energy efficiency, reduce operational costs and emissions, while improving sustainability metrics. EC's earnings come from shared utility cost savings with clients.

Best Debt Collecting India 2023


CLXNS Technologies is a digital-first debt resolution company. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, they offer comprehensive debt collection solutions to banks, NBFCs, and fintechs. They enhance collection efficiency, ensure compliance, provide end-to-end solutions regardless of loan size, and prioritize customer experience with their AI-powered platform for optimal debt recovery.

Most Innovative Accounting Firm Canada 2023


Founded in 2015, Capex CPA is an award-winning, technology-driven accounting firm blending human and artificial intelligence for superior service. Recognized as a leading cloud accounting firm, it offers audit-proof solutions using software like QuickBooks, Xero, and Karbon. With a commitment to shaping the industry's future, Capex CPA operates globally, streamlining accounting anywhere there's internet.

Best Lending Solution Brazil 2023


Kalea is a technology-driven platform that streamlines credit access for Brazilian businesses, functioning as an intelligent credit advisory tool for companies and a digital client prospecting tool for credit agents. It enhances customer experience, minimizes bureaucracy, and reduces credit risks, ultimately fostering sustainable and competitive credit markets.

Best FX Consulting Europe 2023


allFX-Consult is an experienced capital markets consulting firm providing comprehensive training, sales department setup, full brokerage solutions, and diversified institutional programs. Operating globally from Cyprus, they cater to the needs of both established and start-up brokerages, offering a vast network of professionals and business opportunities. Their bespoke services ensure detailed, deadline-driven solutions.

Best Startup Finance App Canada 2023


StockPick is a pioneering video-sharing platform, presenting succinct investment insights in under 2-minute videos. Catering to both novices and seasoned traders, it offers expert content on stocks, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and financial education. Videos are categorized by asset class and knowledge level, enabling users to personalize their investment learning journey.

Best ESG Innovation 2023


15 Rock is a global leader in climate risk management, delivering cutting-edge solutions using advanced technology. Named after Kyoto's Ryōan-ji zen garden, they embody the concept of perspective shift, harnessing technology to unveil unseen opportunities and risks in environmental stewardship and sustainable growth. They operate with utmost fiduciary responsibility to their clients.

Best Financial Advisor Canada 2023

Solomon Financial Corp

Solomon Financial Advisors is a dedicated team offering personalized financial navigation. With over $250M in managed investment funds, a billion in insurance protection placed, and an experienced cohort of advisors, they assist clients in gaining financial clarity, avoiding mistakes, and reaching their financial goals through a systematic, relationship-centered approach.

Best eKYC Solution LatAm 2023


Plutto is an online platform that delivers instant, comprehensive data and documents to identify, verify and monitor companies in regulated industries. Its capabilities include legal and financial reports, shareholder reports, sanction list checks, official documents, and more, making it a trusted tool for banks, fintechs, retail, mining, automotive sectors, and more.

Best ESG Initiatives Asia 2023

Monsoon Investments Holding

Monsoon Investments Holding Pte Ltd, established in Singapore in 2005, is an investment holding company focusing on infrastructure, energy, and sustainable businesses. They're dedicated to catalyzing business transformation through sustainable energy, waste management, and carbon management initiatives.

Best Agritech South Africa 2023


CropsProfit is a cloud-based mobile app empowering farmers with personalized crop marketing plans and live market prices. This tool enables profit margin hedging through real-time simulations and algorithms, facilitating proactive, informed decisions. Teams can collaborate on plans, adapting easily to market changes, fostering a more secure, viable agricultural business.

Best Staff Training Solution North America 2023


LemonadeLXP is an award-winning digital growth platform that enhances corporate training with game-based microlearning. It aids frontline staff to become digital experts through engaging learning experiences and technology walkthroughs. Its Digital Academy supports tech adoption by creating a branded, searchable hub for app simulations and videos.

Best Fintech South Africa 2023


Bridgement is a South African fintech firm, revolutionizing small business financing through technology and data science. They offer near-instant credit decisions with minimal paperwork, using innovative scoring models to assess financial health. Their simple platform enables businesses to obtain up to R5 million instantly to fuel growth.

Best Financial Services Group South Africa 2023

Tysys Capital Group

Tysys Capital Group, established in 2008, is a Pan African financial and investment service, specializing in Corporate Advisory, Fund Management, Wealth, and SMME Development. Owned and managed by Mr. Modise Motloba, it offers holistic financial solutions and high-impact strategies for clients in domestic and international markets.

Best Client Data Management Solution 2023


LockDocs is a digital platform revolutionizing the investment industry by streamlining investor onboarding, automating subscriptions, and managing investor data. It ensures client information accuracy, reduces administrative burdens, offers data portability, helps in business scaling, and maintains compliance through digital audit trails. A simplified investing experience from the first engagement.

Best Specialty Investment Banking Boutique Canada 2023

Aguilar Capital Markets

Aguilar Capital Markets is a Canadian boutique investment banking firm specialized in facilitating financing solutions for African entities. They bridge funding gaps via relationships with global financial institutions, providing services like private placements of debt and equity to SMEs, corporations, and SOEs in diverse African financial markets.

Best ESG Solutions Singapore 2023

Magellan X

Magellan X is a Singapore-based DeepTech company founded in 2019, offering specialized IIoT/AI solutions for heavy industries. Its suite of products, ecoMax, SOL-X, and PROPELLER, enable businesses to meet EHS obligations, enhance safety, optimize inventory, and monitor decarbonization efforts, delivering real-time insights and boosting profitability.

Best Carbon Credit Exchange Asia 2023

AirCarbon Exchange (ACX)

AirCarbon Exchange (ACX) is a global platform revolutionizing carbon trading with blockchain technology. ACX securitizes carbon credits, streamlines trading, and offers low fees, efficient trading, and transparent pricing. Supported by Enterprise Singapore, it facilitates frictionless trading without competing with carbon market participants.

Best Islamic Finance Community Singapore 2023

Islamic Finance Singapore

Islamic Finance Singapore (IFSG Ltd) is a network of over 200 finance professionals, scholars, and students dedicated to promoting understanding and awareness of Islamic Finance in Singapore. They provide a collaborative platform for information sharing, discussion, and advocating financial issues to relevant authorities, striving towards a sustainable financial ecosystem.

Best Islamic Fintech Malaysia 2023

Sedania As Salam

Sedania is a strategic investor that combines technical expertise with international partners to advance sustainability in energy and healthcare sectors. Established in Malaysia in 2013 and publicly listed in 2015, Sedania invests in businesses that target reducing CO2 emissions. Its offerings span energy-saving solutions, eco-friendly childcare products, and digital platforms for various industries.

Best Loan App Philippines 2023


Digido is a state-licensed, automated online lender under Singapore's Robocash Group, offering inclusive and accessible financial solutions in the Philippines. Using innovative robotic technologies, it provides instant, transparent, and affordable lending services, contributing significantly to the nation's fintech industry and promoting financial well-being among underbanked consumers.

Fastest Lending Company Philippines 2023, a branch of the international fintech VIA SMS Group, provides fast, accessible online financial solutions in the Philippines. It offers flexible credit lines with tailored repayment schemes, addressing local needs. Prioritizing customer security, it employs advanced data protection protocols. Registered with the SEC, aims to lead with innovation.

Best Boutique Consultancy Firm Singapore 2023

Square Associates

Square Associates, based in Singapore, is a global boutique consultancy specializing in strategic and financial advisory services. With an agnostic approach to sectors and geographies, the firm excels in facilitating business growth and capital raising, leveraging its extensive investment experience, robust network, and a strong track record, particularly in emerging markets.

Most Innovative Crypto Fund Asia 2023


TradeTogether is a Singapore-based fintech company offering a digital asset management platform for accredited and institutional investors, focusing on cryptocurrency investments. With a proprietary scoring engine and financial expertise, it simplifies the investment process, aiming for safety, transparency, and rewarding returns while navigating volatile crypto markets.

Best Financial Literacy App Asia 2023


Milestone is a financial literacy app designed to help parents raise financially savvy children. It simplifies monetary concepts through educational quests and practical tasks, promotes savings discipline, instills the importance of hard work and the concept of delayed gratification, and encourages charity, making financial management and responsibility engaging and accessible for kids.

Best Fraud Prevention Fintech Asia 2023


MonetaGo is a leading fintech firm that offers privacy-focused data analytics solutions to regulated industries. Their Secure Financing platform, recognized for its scalability and fraud prevention capabilities, addresses systemic risks globally, enabling cross-border risk management and empowering institutions to sustain supply chains and expand into new markets.

Best Microfinance Company Vietnam 2023


EasyGop JSD is a Vietnamese fintech startup specializing in "buy now, pay later" services, empowering the emerging middle class with fast, safe offline financing. Requiring only an ID and mobile device, it offers accessible financial solutions. Backed by notable investors from the USA, Singapore, and Japan, EasyGop emphasizes mobile-first strategy and eKYC.

Best Pricing Structure Broker Europe 2023


Colmex Pro is a regulated financial services provider offering a platform for trading stocks, forex, commodities, indices, and more across multiple markets. It provides access to over 29,000 US stocks and 3000+ CFDs. The Colmex Pro 2.0 platform allows advanced orders and swift response to market changes. They are recognized for their competitive and transparent pricing, exceptional customer service, and unique real-time stock screener

Best Customer Service Broker Europe 2023


Colmex Pro is a regulated financial services provider offering a platform for trading stocks, forex, commodities, indices, and more across multiple markets. It provides access to over 29,000 US stocks and 3000+ CFDs. The Colmex Pro 2.0 platform allows advanced orders and swift response to market changes. They are recognized for their competitive and transparent pricing, exceptional customer service, and unique real-time stock screener.

Best New IT Consultancy Hong Kong

Greyloud Ltd

GreyLoud Ltd delivers innovative web and mobile app development solutions to ambitious businesses, overcoming their complex challenges affordably. They blend traditional consulting with advanced technology, digitalizing essential business processes, crafting customer-centric solutions, and fostering competitive advantages, embodying their unique approach to problem-solving.

Best Retail Bank Vietnam


ACB, the leading bank in Vietnam, offers a range of convenient and modern banking services. With ACB ONE, you can open an account in just one minute and enjoy year-long benefits. Experience a contemporary lifestyle with ACB's superior card services. Their online deposit option provides flexibility and higher interest rates. ACB also offers tailored financial solutions for FDI enterprises, ensuring a future-oriented partnership. Discover the countless utilities of ACB and make your life easier today.

Best Trading Strategy Provider UK


Equitimax Managed Trading Service was founded in Australia in 2012. With consistent performance over the last five years, Equitimax offers strategies that have delivered impressive annual returns of over 50% for investors. Regulated in both Australia and the UK, their renowned strategy, Equitimax Tiger, has paved the way for their FCA-regulated services in the UK.

Best Boutique Formation Advisory Hong Kong

First Orient Advisory (FOA)

First Orient Advisory (FOA) is a leading Hong Kong-based boutique advisory firm. Its multi-disciplined experts, spanning from Switzerland to China, specialize in international tax planning, company formation and liquidation, and market entrance solutions for China. FOA is reputed for providing practical solutions to complex cross-border issues with an unwavering commitment.

Best Forex Technology Solution Provider Asia


Leverate, a globally influential Fintech firm since 2008, specializes in premium brokerage solutions, providing comprehensive coverage from server to compliance. As a trusted B2B provider, it ensures dedicated 24/7 support with zero competition for your traders. With its vast experience and worldwide presence, Leverate is the indisputable choice for Forex brokers.

Best Life Insurance Company Botswana

Botswana Life Insurance Limited (BLIL)

Botswana Life Insurance Limited, established in 1975, is Botswana's leading life insurer. With over 71% market share, it provides comprehensive financial solutions including life insurance, retirement annuities, and investment policies. Committed to driving socio-economic prosperity, it supports local development through significant investments, while managing over 304,000 policies.

Best Retail Bank Angola

BFA - Banco de Fomento Angola

Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA) is a nationally recognized universal bank providing a comprehensive and diverse array of products and services for individual and business clients. BFA also offers personalized short-term loans, designed to empower customers in achieving their personal dreams and projects.

Best Commercial Bank Angola

BFA - Banco de Fomento Angola

Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA) is a nationally recognized universal bank providing a comprehensive and diverse array of products and services for individual and business clients. BFA also offers personalized short-term loans, designed to empower customers in achieving their personal dreams and projects.

Best Banking CSR Program Nigeria

Zenith Bank Plc

Zenith Bank Plc, Nigeria's largest bank by tier-1 capital, is a global financial services provider with over 500 branches worldwide, including key markets like UK, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Gambia. Renowned for their innovative e-Banking services, Zenith Bank expertly leverages cutting-edge technology to meet diverse customer needs.

Best Commercial Bank Vietnam

Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank

The Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB) is a financially robust, transparent, and innovative banking service provider in Vietnam. Under the guidance of the Central Military Commission and Ministry of Defense, it provides high-quality banking products and services, boosting Vietnam's economy and enhancing the banking sector's performance.

Best Bank Rwanda

Bank of Kigali

The Bank of Kigali, established in 1966, is a leading financial institution in Rwanda, wholly owned by the Government of Rwanda since 2007. It offers comprehensive services including internet and mobile banking, loans, and mortgages. With a focus on customer service, integrity, and innovation, it strives to provide superior banking solutions.

Best Cash Management Bank Vietnam


SeABank, established in 1994, is among Vietnam's leading commercial banks in terms of scale, brand recognition, and growth rate. With headquarters in Hanoi, it holds assets exceeding VND 231 trillion and operates a network of 180 branches nationwide. Its mission is to deliver high-quality, diverse financial services, promoting prosperity for the community.

Best Retail Bank Vietnam

TP Bank

TPBank, a Vietnamese financial institution founded in 2008, offers a wide range of personal and business banking products and services, leveraging modern technology. Services include various deposit accounts, insurance, debit and credit cards, online and mobile banking, and loans. Key strategic shareholders include DOJI Gold and Gems Group, FPT Corporation, and MobiFone Corporation.

Best Broker Australia


Synergy, founded in 2002, is a trusted and experienced lending agency providing flexible and tailored finance solutions. Led by expert broker Kate Herschell, the Synergy team uses deep industry knowledge to streamline the financing process, guiding clients from first-time investors to growing families towards achieving their unique financial goals.

Best Client Services FX Cyprus

FXFinpro Capital

FXFINPRO Capital, a CySEC-regulated, award-winning ECN brokerage firm, offers diverse investment products including Forex, CFD's, Stocks, ETF's, and more. Prioritizing effective, long-term client cooperation, it ensures a superior trading environment with outstanding support, generating profit solely from client commissions. Participation involves high risk and potential for loss.

Best Investor Funds Protection Cyprus

FXFinpro Capital

FXFINPRO Capital, a CySEC-regulated, award-winning ECN brokerage firm, offers diverse investment products including Forex, CFD's, Stocks, ETF's, and more. Prioritizing effective, long-term client cooperation, it ensures a superior trading environment with outstanding support, generating profit solely from client commissions. Participation involves high risk and potential for loss.

Best Investor Funds Protection Cyprus

FXFinpro Capital

FXFINPRO Capital, a CySEC-regulated, award-winning ECN brokerage firm, offers diverse investment products including Forex, CFD's, Stocks, ETF's, and more. Prioritizing effective, long-term client cooperation, it ensures a superior trading environment with outstanding support, generating profit solely from client commissions. Participation involves high risk and potential for loss.

Best Investor Funds Protection Cyprus

FXFinpro Capital

FXFINPRO Capital, a CySEC-regulated, award-winning ECN brokerage firm, offers diverse investment products including Forex, CFD's, Stocks, ETF's, and more. Prioritizing effective, long-term client cooperation, it ensures a superior trading environment with outstanding support, generating profit solely from client commissions. Participation involves high risk and potential for loss.

Best Bank Investor Relations Qatar

Al Khalij Commercial Bank (al khaliji) Q.S.C.

Al Khalij Commercial Bank (al khaliji) is a pioneering "next generation bank" headquartered in Doha, Qatar. It provides a wide range of conventional banking services to various customer segments, including premium, business, corporate, and international customers across Qatar, UAE, and France. It's well-rated by Fitch and Moody’s, reflecting a strong financial position.

Bank of the Year Oman

National Bank of Oman

Founded in 1973, National Bank of Oman (NBO) is a leading commercial bank in Oman with 60 branches and two in the U.A.E. It provides retail, corporate, investment, international, and Islamic banking services. Committed to community development, NBO supports causes in health, education, environment, and culture. Its shares are listed on the Muscat Securities Market.

Fastest Growing Investment Fund Cyprus

Omega Funds Investment Ltd

Omega Funds Investment Ltd is a distinguished financial service provider offering a broad range of investment and ancillary services. It specializes in executing client orders, own account dealing, forex spot trading, and offering custodianship services. It trades in diverse financial instruments, from transferable securities to complex derivative contracts.

Most Progressive Bank Ethiopia

Dashen Bank (Ethiopia)

Dashen Bank, headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is a leading financial institution with a vast network of over 800 branches and an unmatched electronic payments partnership. Pioneering in the Ethiopian banking industry, it provides extensive services through its innovative digital platform, Amole, and is the first to introduce an international ecommerce gateway.

Most Innovative Digital Bank Vietnam

Tienphong Commercial Joint Stock Bank

TPBank, a Vietnamese financial institution founded in 2008, offers a wide range of personal and business banking products and services, leveraging modern technology. Services include various deposit accounts, insurance, debit and credit cards, online and mobile banking, and loans. Key strategic shareholders include DOJI Gold and Gems Group, FPT Corporation, and MobiFone Corporation.

Best International Training Academy

Tradenet Capital Markets

Tradenet Capital Markets, established in 2004, is a global online day trading academy with presence across three continents. Through a knowledgeable team of mentors, they provide high-quality trading courses, research, and strategies. Serving over 40,000 students, Tradenet has grown into a key player in the online trading education sector.

Universal Banking Award Liberia


Ecobank, the leading pan-African bank, operates in 33 African countries, offering everyday banking, payments, transfers, and mobile banking services. It supports fintech development, driving digital finance transformation. Ecobank prioritizes customer security and provides financial advice, debit cards, and loans, promoting a cashless, convenient banking experience.

Best Client Fund Security


HotForex is an award-winning Straight Through Processing (STP) broker specializing in Forex and commodities. It serves both retail and institutional clients, offering investment services and tools. With its commitment to providing optimal trading conditions and unhindered access to liquidity for speculators and investors using expert advisors, HotForex is globally favored.

Best International CFD Broker

Colmex Pro

Colmex Pro is a trusted, regulated trading platform offering a vast range of trading opportunities in stocks, forex, commodities, indices, and more. With access to over 29,000 US stocks, real-time stock screening, and around-the-clock customer service, it ensures secure investments and transparent pricing for traders of all levels.

Best Commercial Investment Bank Cameroon

Standard Chartered Cameroon

Standard Chartered Cameroon, established in 1915, is a leading international bank in the Central African Region. As part of the Standard Chartered Group, it combines international expertise with local insights. Offering corporate and institutional banking services, it aims to lead by example, upholding its commitment to being 'Here for good'.

Best Commercial Bank Kyrgyzstan


The Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank (KICB) provides a wide array of financial services such as cash exchange, deposits, and credits. Their services cater to both individual and corporate clients. KICB also facilitates banking card operations, cash transfers, and swift systems. The bank constantly communicates about ongoing technical operations, upcoming holidays, and new agreements through news updates.

Best Retail Bank Vietnam


SeABank, established in 1994, is among Vietnam's leading commercial banks in terms of scale, brand recognition, and growth rate. With headquarters in Hanoi, it holds assets exceeding VND 231 trillion and operates a network of 180 branches nationwide. Its mission is to deliver high-quality, diverse financial services, promoting prosperity for the community.

Best Operational Bank Qatar

Al Khalij Commercial Bank

Al Khalij Commercial Bank (al khaliji) is a pioneering "next generation bank" headquartered in Doha, Qatar. It provides a wide range of conventional banking services to various customer segments, including premium, business, corporate, and international customers across Qatar, UAE, and France. It's well-rated by Fitch and Moody’s, reflecting a strong financial position.

Best Spreads Cyprus

AGM Markets

AGM Markets are an online financial trading platform and multi asset broker founded in 2011

Best Internet Bank Azerbaijan

Bank Technique ASC

Bank Technique ASC, a leading commercial bank in Azerbaijan, offers a range of retail and corporate banking services. Its portfolio includes accounts, deposits, loans, foreign currency, derivative products, and insurance. Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Baku, it operates through 35 branches, serving both private and corporate clients.

Best Customer Service Russia


Weltrade is a leading international online broker established in 2006 with over 600,000 active traders worldwide. Prioritizing direct communication, it offers 24/7 customer support and fast withdrawals, a secure trading environment, innovative promotions, and a robust affiliate program. Weltrade provides diverse financial instruments, including Forex, commodities, metals, and digital currencies.

Best Portfolio Management Broker Europe

FXFinpro Capital

FXFINPRO Capital is a Cyprus-regulated, award-winning ECN brokerage, providing a comprehensive suite of financial products including Forex, CFDs, Stocks, ETFs, and more. It prioritizes transparent, conflict-free operations through ECN accounts, and champions a superior trading environment coupled with outstanding customer support, while cautioning about the high risk in trading.

Most Progressive Broker - Cyprus

MeritKapital Ltd

MeritKapital Ltd is a Cyprus-based, FCA and CySEC licensed investment firm specializing in fixed income, emerging markets, and distressed debt. It offers asset management, proprietary trading, brokerage services, and custodianship. It gained prominence as a significant trader of bailed-in Bank of Cyprus deposits and as co-underwriter of Kazakh sovereign wealth fund's Eurobond.

Best Retail MT4 Platform Europe

JFD Brokers Ltd

JFD Brokers, established in 2011, is a leading financial services provider dedicated to providing transparent, fair, and direct trading experiences. Offering an array of resources for both beginners and advanced traders, they prioritize client-centric service and innovation. They feature commission-free stock trading and strive for continual expansion of services.

Best Retail Bank Vietnam

Ocean Bank

Ocean Bank - Vietnam is a recognized banking leader known for strength, efficiency, and profitability. Committed to superior service, it fosters trust, loyalty, and respect while helping customers achieve their financial goals. Offering diverse products, delivery methods, and financial insight, it adapts to customers' lifestyles and banking ambitions.

Best New Boutique Bank Europe

FCM Bank

FCM Bank, headquartered in Malta and regulated by the MFSA, is a subsidiary of the SAB Group since 2017. With a focus on corporate customers, the bank has a strong presence in Malta and also operates in the UK, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. The SAB Group brings extensive expertise in corporate payments, foreign exchange services, and banking, with a stake in a Czech credit institution.

Best Forex Broker in Europe

TeleTrade - DJ International Consulting Ltd

TeleTrade EU, a CySEC licensed Cyprus Investment Firm, offers high-quality trading services in CFDs, Forex, Shares, and Indices. With their sophisticated technology, robust platforms, and expert support, they adhere to MiFID standards. Accessible across multiple devices, they provide an exceptional trading experience to millions of clients.

Best Educational Trading Program

TeleTrade - DJ International Consulting Ltd

TeleTrade EU, a CySEC licensed Cyprus Investment Firm, offers high-quality trading services in CFDs, Forex, Shares, and Indices. With their sophisticated technology, robust platforms, and expert support, they adhere to MiFID standards. Accessible across multiple devices, they provide an exceptional trading experience to millions of clients.

Best Islamic Broker UK


ActivTrades is a London-based independent broker, offering trading services in Forex, CFDs and Spread Betting through MetaTrader 4/5 and ActivTrader platforms. Regulated by the FCA, it prioritizes customer service, operating a multilingual support desk. Clients can trade various assets, but are warned of the high risk in CFD trading.

Most Innovative FX Platform North America

Cambridge Mercantile Group

Cambridge Mercantile Group, established in 1993, is a renowned provider of global payment services and risk management solutions. With its robust technology, extensive FX knowledge, and client-centric approach, it ensures efficient cross-border payments and hedging strategies for over 14,000 corporate clients, handling over $20 billion annually across multiple continents.

Best Private Bank Czech Republic

J & T Banka

J&T Banka, a private and investment bank based in the Czech Republic, specializes in providing beyond-standard wealth management services. Through tailored solutions, expert analysis, and robust investment offerings, J&T Banka commits to fostering the success of its discerning clients while ensuring their wealth's growth, protection, and successful transition to future generations.

Best SME Bank Kenya

Chase Bank Kenya Limited

Chase Bank Kenya Limited was a significant commercial bank in Kenya, licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya. Established in 1995, it became a prominent financial services provider, particularly serving SMEs and offering Shariah compliant services. In 2018, it was liquidated, with assets acquired by the State Bank of Mauritius.

Best Domestic Private Bank USA

BMO Private Bank

BMO Private Bank, a part of BMO Financial Group, provides comprehensive wealth management solutions. With a team of dedicated professionals, it offers bespoke advice on wealth planning, investment management, banking, lending, tax planning, and estate services. Leveraging expert resources, it ensures success tailored to individual objectives and risk tolerance.

Best Forex Broker in Europe

Tele Trade DJ International Consulting Ltd

TeleTrade EU, a CySEC licensed Cyprus Investment Firm, offers high-quality trading services in CFDs, Forex, Shares, and Indices. With their sophisticated technology, robust platforms, and expert support, they adhere to MiFID standards. Accessible across multiple devices, they provide an exceptional trading experience to millions of clients.

Best SME Bank Belarus


MTBank, established in Belarus, is a reliable universal bank known for quality services and customer-centric approach. A pioneer UN Global Compact participant in Belarus, it champions corporate social responsibility. It's a member of Association of Belarusian Banks, S.W.I.F.T., VISA, and MasterCard, and a leading issuer of BAMAP' bank guarantees.

Best Commercial Bank Cayman Islands

Bank Mandiri

Bank Mandiri was established in 1988 in Indonesia as a result of a merger of four state-owned banks. Bank Mandiri operates as a universal bank, offering retail, corporate and investment banking products and services.

Best Commercial Bank Senegal

UBA Senegal

UBA Senegal is a leading financial institution governed by a distinguished Board consisting of a Chairman, independent non-executive directors, and executive directors. With a skilled and diverse management team, UBA Senegal leverages their extensive experience and expertise to provide innovative solutions that cater to the specific requirements of their valued customers.

Best Boutique Bank Belarus


Fransabank, established in 1921 and ranked among the top four banks in Lebanon, is a renowned financial group. Operating in 10 countries, it offers a wide range of banking services to local and international clients. With a commitment to professionalism and integrity, Fransabank prioritizes stakeholders and strategically plans for future success.

Best Online Forex Broker Middle East

Windsor Brokers Ltd

Windsor Brokers Ltd is a trusted and ethical brokerage firm established in 1988, dedicated to providing fair and regulated trading services. With a focus on investor protection, they prioritize clients' interests, investing in technology and human capital. Committed to security, integrity, and reliability, they facilitate access to global markets for all investors.

Best Retail Bank Oman

Bank Dhofar

BankDhofar, Oman's second-largest bank by market value, offers everyday and corporate banking, treasury, and project finance services. With RO 4.26 billion in assets, it's one of the fastest-growing banks in the Sultanate. Its extensive network includes 70 branches and numerous ATMs and CDMs across the country.

Most Innovative FX Broker South Amercia


UniTrader is a versatile, user-friendly trading platform providing global access to varied financial instruments like stocks, ETFs, indices, currencies, and commodities. Its distinct interface presents account details, instruments, and positions in 17 languages, while its dedicated customer service ensures personalized support for traders worldwide, regardless of their trading experience.

Best Forex Broker China


BMFN is a global trading platform established in 1988, offering access to the world's most liquid financial markets. It provides online and mobile trading services, personalized support from expert teams, and allows trading of popular financial products. It caters to seasoned traders, fund managers, and beginners alike.

Most Innovative Bank KSA/ Best Consumer Bank KSA

Bank Aljazira

Bank Aljazira (BAJ) is a dynamic and inclusive employer dedicated to empowering its employees. With a focus on career development and skill enhancement, BAJ offers competitive compensation and comprehensive training opportunities. As a strong advocate of Saudization, BAJ prioritizes Saudi talent while fostering a culture of learning and collaboration for personal and professional growth.

Best Islamic Window Oman

Bank Dhofar

BankDhofar, Oman's second-largest bank by market value, offers everyday and corporate banking, treasury, and project finance services. With RO 4.26 billion in assets, it's one of the fastest-growing banks in the Sultanate. Its extensive network includes 70 branches and numerous ATMs and CDMs across the country.

Best Trading Solution Europe


Forex Club, established in 1997, is a renowned international online investment and trading brand, offering wide-ranging financial instruments like currencies, stocks, metals, and energy resources. With over 100 offices worldwide, it's noted for its unique Libertex platform, extensive training courses, and favorable trading conditions, making global trading accessible to all.

Best Global Customer Service FX

MIG Bank

MIG BANK, founded in 2003, quickly grew to become a leading online currency brokerage. It became the first currency broker to obtain a Swiss banking license in 2009, establishing itself as the largest Swiss online currency trading bank. In 2013, MIG BANK was acquired by Swissquote Bank, solidifying its position in the industry.

Best FX Trading Platform UAE

Blueunion FZE

Blueunion Group, with 20+ years of experience, is a market leader in business consultancy, information technology, and e-commerce solutions. Known as 'Thought Leaders', they leverage global best practices and innovative technologies like Blockchain and AI, delivering high-ROI services to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance client satisfaction.

Best Retail Bank Turkey

Deniz Bank

DenizBank, part of DenizBank Financial Services Group, is a Turkey-based, globally-connected financial institution, known for its innovative banking solutions. Acquired by Emirates NBD in 2019, it serves as a "financial supermarket", offering diverse services and fostering a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem. It emphasizes technological investment, boasting Turkey's first Digital Banking Department, and is committed to social responsibility.

Best Trading Platform Caribbean

DealServ, 4XPlace Ltd

DealServ offers expert global services for the brokerage market, encompassing infrastructure, operations, and marketing. It empowers brokers to swiftly establish activities, freeing them to focus on their financial expertise while all background needs are custom-fitted, ensuring smooth and efficient brokerage operation.

Best STP Broker Europe


FXCC, established in 2010 by experienced forex professionals, provides an ECN/STP model with transparent, fair pricing, and a no dealing desk execution. Committed to customer-centric services, they offer competitive prices from leading multibank liquidity providers, ensuring no price markup or conflicts of interest for traders.

Fastest Growing FX Firm Cyprus


FXCC, established in 2010 by experienced forex professionals, provides an ECN/STP model with transparent, fair pricing, and a no dealing desk execution. Committed to customer-centric services, they offer competitive prices from leading multibank liquidity providers, ensuring no price markup or conflicts of interest for traders.

Best Broker in Europe


Mayzus Financial Services Limited was founded in 2008. The Company offers consumer finance services.

Best Retail Broker Northern America


FXCM, founded in 1999, is a global leader in online foreign exchange (FX) trading, CFD trading, and related services. It provides innovative trading tools, educational resources, mobile trading, one-click order execution, and real-time charts. The company also offers premium services like wholesale execution, liquidity, and prime brokerage via FXCM Pro.

Best Trade Finance Bank Pakistain


HBL, Pakistan's largest bank established in 1947, operates as a technology company with a banking license. It has over 1,754 branches globally, serving 34 million+ customers. HBL, privatized in 2004 with the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) holding a majority share, plays a key role in Pakistan's domestic and international markets.

Best Remittance Operation Middle East

LULU International Exchange

Lulu International Exchange is a leading currency exchange and money transfer service, renowned for its customer-centric approach. With 93 branches across the UAE, they're committed to providing reliable, seamless, and accessible financial journeys. Their core values include customer-first, teamwork, determination, personal responsibility, celebration, integrity, and continuous learning.

Best Offshore Bank Cayman Islands

Caledonian Global Financial Services

Caledonian Global Financial Services Inc., based in the Cayman Islands, is a veteran offshore financial firm established in 1970. It offers a spectrum of services including banking, asset management, asset protection, trust and corporate services, brokerage, and custody services through its subsidiaries to a global clientele.

Best International Bank Belize

Atlantic International Bank

Atlantic International Bank, established in 1971 in Belize City, provides diverse financial services spanning commerce, agriculture, export/import, real estate, and tourism. Dedicated to superior customer service and adhering to international standards of excellence, the bank promotes economic growth, social development, staff empowerment, and prudent financial management within its communities.