UK Government Pushes For More Time For Brexit Negotiations

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A month and two weeks before the United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union, the government of Theresa May seeks to buy more time in the British parliament for her talks with Brussels to reach concessions that would allow the adoption of the Brexit deal.

French news agency AFP reported that on Sunday, February 10, British housing minister James Brokenshire stressed that that the government had a clear strategy and timeline aimed at getting an agreement that Britain’s splintered parliament can pass.

«What gives certainty is a deal, and that’s why we want to see people getting behind us, getting behind this process that we now have,» the minister explained to the BBC.

Brokenshire vowed to give the parliament a new vote on Britain’s options by February 27 if May does not come back with new concessions before then. AFP commented that Brokenshire’s promise of another vote two weeks later is designed to discourage lawmakers from binding the government’s hands this week.

On February 14, British lawmakers are set to vote on amendments that could limit May’s options and give parliament a broader say over the Brexit process.