Troubles Continue In Latvian Anti-establishment Party KPV LV

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Saeima MP’s Linda Liepiņa (rigth, KPV LV) and Aldis Gobzems (ex-KPV LV)

In the Latvian anti-establishment party KPV LV, Saeima member Linda Liepiņa has decided to leave the post of the party’s Co-chairperson and member of the board.

On Monday, February 11, the political newcomer, who was previously an entrepreneur, explained that she had made the decision for a number of reasons. Two of them were the decision by KPV LV to join the new Latvian government headed by liberal-conservative New Unity, which was not supported by her, and a number of steps taken over the recent weeks by the party’s founder and Co-chairperson Artuss Kaimiņš.

Another reason to leave the posts, according to MP Liepiņa, had been the decision by Economy Minister Ralfs Nemiro (KPV LV) to select a person for the post of the Ventspils Free Port that had not been agreed upon in the board of the party. Liepiņa assumed that this decision could have been made in line with an unspecified, hidden agreement.

Reportedly, the Latvian Economy Minister selected lawyer Pāvels Rebenoks as the representative of the Economy Ministry to the Ventspils Free Port. Nemiro had previously been a partner in co-operation with the layers’ office Rebenoks&Vilders.

Only a week earlier, another leading figure of KPV LV party, Aldis Gobzems, was expelled from the party and its parliamentary faction.