Thaw And Warm Temperatures Expected In Latvia This Week

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The weather in Latvia, in the first part of the week will be mostly warm for winter-time and precipitation in the form of rain and wet snow can be expected, according to a weekly forecast from  the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

The week in the mid-Baltic state is expected to start with longer periods of precipitation, bringing rain and wet snow on Monday that would turn into snow on Wednesday.

Later on, slightly colder weather from the north would enter the territory of Latvia with gusts of wind, but the temperatures would remain in the margins of –2…+3 degrees Celsius, except for the night to Wednesday. Then the air could drop down to –10 degrees.

Calculations published by the weather forecasters on Monday indicate that the second half of the week would be mostly dry and a warmer masses of air would bring maximum temperatures of +5…+8 degrees to Latvia.