Sputnik Loses Press Ethics Dispute In Estonia About Army Reporting

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Deciding a media ethics dispute between Sputnik, the Russian state-controlled information agency, and the Estonian public broadcaster ERR, the Estonian Press Council established that ERR did not breach a media ethic code, when reported about Sputnik trying to spread fake news about the Estonian Defence Forces.

On Tuesday, June 26. Estonian public broadcaster ERR reported that the news story as about an Estonian Defence Forces conscript shooting himself in his shoulder in March, later explaining to doctors and authorities that the reason for doing so had been him wanting «a cool gunshot scar».

Sputnik, which has been often blamed for being a Kremlin weapon of information abroad, submitted questions to the EDF implying, however, that the incident was the result of the deliberate bullying of Russian-speaking conscripts, and that the man – actually a non-Russian speaker – had been injured during what the agency said “sources” confirmed to have been an escape attempt.

Sputnik complained to the Estonian Press Council that ERR in its reporting that Sputnik’s Estonian branch had tried to launch and disinformation campaign about the Defence Forces. The Estonian Press Council deliberated and found that ERR had been correct in its reporting on the Russian information agency.