Hungary S Mothers Of Four To Be Exempt From Paying Income Tax

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

In Hungary, the government is boosting financial support to families with several children, according to measures presented by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

American news agency AP reports that on Sunday, February 10, the significant measures announced by Viktor Orbán during an annual address, encouraging women to have more children and reverse Hungary’s population decline.

«This is the Hungarians’ answer, not immigration,» the long-time Hungarian Prime Minister evaluated, inisting the initiative was meant to «ensure the survival of the Hungarian nation.»

The benefits set forth a lifetime personal income-tax exemption for women who give birth and raise at least four children; a subsidy of 2.5 million forints (EUR 7,800) toward the purchase a seven-seat vehicle for families with three or more children; and a low-interest loan of 10 million forints (EUR 31,000) for women under age 40 who are entering into marriage for the first time.

Following his speech, several hundred members and supporters of Hungary’s main opposition parties held an anti-Orban rally in Budapest.