Price Of Pork Meat Rose 40% In China Due To African Swine Fever Disease

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Over the past year, the price of pork meat rose more than 40% in China.

African swine fever disease has blighted the country's pig herds, reducing the livestock population by a third.

Analysts warn that a full recovery is still five years away.

Whilst the frustrated pork industry suffers, swine fever is something of a gift for the poultry market.

The chairman of the Sheng He group, Wang Shuhong, said: "Duck prices should have fallen, but now, because of African swine fever, the price is still strong and will probably rise again. So the market prospects are very good."

Every day, this farm ships out hundreds of thousands of ducklings.

And with prices high and increased demand, the owner plans to raise output by 30% this year.