Major Indices End The Session With Mixed Results

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The major indices are ending the session with mixed results. The last hour so some downside volatility as Sen. Bernie's centers threaten to put the kibosh on the coronavirus stimulus plan.

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Going into last hour the major indices were trading at:

  • S&P index at 2552.47
  • Nasdaq index at 7592.58
  • Dow index at 21903.93

The major indices are closing at:

  • S&P index 2475.56, up 28.23 points or 1.15% - down 72 points in the last hour

  • NASDAQ index 7384.29, down -33.56 points or -0.45% - down 208 points in the last hour

  • Dow index 21200.55, up 495.64 or 2.39% - down 703 points in the last hour