Major Indices Close Higher And At Session Highs. NASDAQ Leads The Way With Apple, Facebook, Amazon Outperforming

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On the downside the Dow post its 2nd straight weekly decline.

The final numbers are showing:

  • S&P index up 24.9 points or 0.77% at 3271.12

  • NASDAQ index up 157.46 points or 1.49% at 10745.23

  • Dow industrial average up 114.67 points or 0.44% at 26428.33

For the week, the NASDAQ led the way. The Dow industrial average could not make it to the unchanged level falling by -0.16%:

  • S&P index rose by 1.73%

  • NASDAQ rose by 3.69%, and as mentioned

  • Dow fell by -0.16%

For the month, the market initially tried to rotate out of the NASDAQ stocks and into the industrial/broader market, but the run up in tech stocks today and this week push the NASDAQ back into the lead:

  • S&P index rose by 5.51%.  As mentioned it was the 2nd largest July increase since 2010

  • NASDAQ index rose by 6.82%

  • Dow rose by 2.3%

For the year to date, the Nasdaq index continues to outperform, but the S&P index has moved back into the black (it dipped into the red earlier this week). The Dow remains lower on the year.  

  • S&P index up 1.25%
  • Nasdaq up 19.76%
  • Dow down -7.39%
Major indices closed near the highs

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