Weekly Technical Forecast: Dow And Gold Build Pressure To Clear Important Highs As EURUSD Reverses

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Gold Prices Restore Full Blown Bull Trend or Mark a Top After 8 Day Rally?

Gold has closed out an 8-day advance through Friday to secure the best week’s rally in three years. Now the real technical decision as the market faces a key resistance to a big-picture bull trend that stretches back to 2013.

S&P 500, DAX Technical Forecast

S&P 500 begins the month on the front foot as the index challenges 2900, while DAX remains curbed by the trendline resistance from the 2019 peak.

Crude Oil Price May Climb in the Week Ahead

Crude oil turned downside momentum around last week, setting it up for more strength in the week ahead; how much power it has, though, is questionable.

US Dollar Weekly Technical Forecast: Rising Wedge as USD Breaks Down

It was a brutal week in the US Dollar with the bullish trend of the past eight months coming into question. But can sellers continue to push to evoke a deeper drawdown?

Euro Weekly Price Outlook: EUR/USD Breakout Underway– Levels to Know

The Euro breakout has fueled a rally of more-than 1.5% this week and keeps the focus higher into June. These are the levels that matter on the EUR/USD weekly chart.

Pound Sterling Week Ahead: GBPUSD, GBPAUD Chart Reversals Brewing?

Is the British Pound readying to reverse against the US Dollar? Or will GBPUSD struggle clearing near-term resistance? GBPAUD is also attempting a turnaround as EURGBP climbs.

Australian Dollar Recovery May Have Run Out of Steam

The Australian Dollar mounted a spirited recovery over the past two weeks but the dominant downtrend against its US counterpart may be ready to resume.

Weekly Technical Forecast: Dow and Gold Build Pressure to Clear Important Highs as EURUSD Reverses