USDMXN Taking The Earthquake In Stride

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The USDMXN is taking the earthquake in stride.  The price of the USDMXN did run a bit higher but stalled right at the 100 hour MA at 22.4875. The high price reached 22.491 and backed off. 

Technicals are defining the range

Earlier in the day, another key technical area stalled the pair at the lows. Near the low for the day, the pair tested the 100 day MA at 22.2939 and an upward sloping trend line at  22.278. The low for the day reached 22.280.  

The news of the damage seems to be ok so far. That may help the MXN on the relief. However, anything can still happen and it may be a precursor for more activity. The good news is the technicals will help tell the story. 

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