International Womens Day: 3 IT Security Leaders To Know

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Influential women are making their mark on how organizations secure their networks. Here are three worth knowing.

With the RSA Conference wrapping up just as International Women’s Day arrives, it’s worth taking a moment to recognize the vital contribution that women tech leaders are making right now to help organizations keep their data safe.

The three IT leaders below are among countless women striving to secure their networks from increasingly sophisticated hackers using the very latest attack methodologies.

Read on to learn about the focus of their efforts, and give a shout out to other women in IT you’d like to recognize @BizTechMagazine.

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Holly Ridgeway

The chief security officer of Citizens Bank has much to protect: Hers is the 13th-largest retail bank in the United States, with 1,100 branches and more than $119 billion in depositors’ money. Ridgeway told us that staying ahead of hackers requires constant vigilance.

Holly Ridgeway, CSO, Citizen's Bank
Threat actors continue to evolve and devise new ways to monetize cyberattacks, whether it’s via cryptomining, ransomware, point-of-sale malware, or attacks against payment networks and ATM infrastructure.”

Holly Ridgeway Chief Security Officer, Citizens Bank

Liz Sturrock
As a consumer, when you purchase a home, you should be confident that all of your data is secure, that all of your financial information is safe, so that you can absolutely close that transaction as quickly as you possibly want to.”

Liz Sturrock Vice President of IT, National Association of Realtors

Patricia DuBois
Security is important to any size company, whether you’re big, small, working with Big Data or small data. It’s really critical that you’re protecting not only your data but your employees and your customers.”

Patricia DuBois Senior Director of IT, Orion Group Holdings