Practica Consulting: Have The Courage To Start

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Fear is just an emotion. We forget that when we let it paralyse us and keep us from the things we really want in our lives. Fear comes from the thoughts you have about your situation. But what if you transformed that fear into action? Motivation? Where could that take you?

Stop waiting

Moving to a new country takes courage, starting your own business is no different. It takes planning, research and then action. It doesn’t matter if it’s a success or a failure, what matters is that you didn’t let fear get in the way of moving forward.

Stop waiting, take action and book a free coaching session

What other thoughts and emotions are standing in your way? Maybe you’ve been laid off, or work has slowed down, maybe you just moved to the Netherlands and don’t have a network, you’re worried about money or you are home with the kids and don’t have time...Maybe you’ve been using the quarantine to think about what you really want to do, googling, “how do I find my purpose?”

You might feel more self-awareness, but you still can’t get unstuck. You dream of great things for your life and career, but you stop yourself before you start, you keep reflecting and searching and making excuses and waiting. Waiting until all of this passes.

Stop waiting. What’s next doesn’t have to be perfect. But it does need you to take action. Have the courage to start. Coaching can help. Coaching gets you out of your head and propels you into action.

Your circumstances don’t create emotions

It’s easy to believe that all of those thoughts about our situation are facts. That it’s the pandemic that’s making us scared about starting a business. That it’s because you lost your job that you’re worried. But it’s the thoughts about your circumstances that are creating the emotion.

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“I can’t start a business now, it won’t be successful.” “I’ll never find another job.” The good news is that although you can’t control your circumstances, you can control your thoughts 100% of the time.

Take some time to examine your thoughts. At the start of the day, write down everything that’s in your head. Then, circle the facts. A fact is something irrefutable and objective. When you find thoughts that aren’t facts, examine the emotions that come up for you. Are they productive emotions? Are they helping you move forward? Or are they emotions like fear and confusion that make you feel even more stuck?

Don’t judge yourself, just be curious and realise, this is the first step to transforming yourself from someone who is stuck to someone moving forward to their future self.

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Take the first step, commit, schedule a free coaching session to get a fresh perspective. Coaching takes you from the baseline and elevates you to places you’ve never been. Together with your coach, you will break old habits, you will stop beating yourself up, you will get to the place where you are THRIVING. Whether it be in your current job, finding a new job, or starting your own business.

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