Medical Reasons To Blame For 20 Percent Of Obesity Cases In The Netherlands

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A new study has found that underlying medical problems are the cause of 1 in 5 cases of severe obesity in children in the Netherlands. Prior to the study, it was thought that just 5 percent of obesity cases were due to medical problems.

The causes of obesity

A joint research project between Erasmus and Amsterdam university hospitals have found that 20 percent of obesity cases in children are due to an underlying health problem. Previously, according to medical journals, it was thought that only five percent of obesity cases were due to medical problems, with most cases being attributed to a bad diet and a lack of exercise.

The study also found that obesity was inherited in some cases, and in others, medicines were the cause of the child’s obesity. Most underlying problems were found in pre-school children. “It is important that doctors try to determine why a child is obese, so you can target treatment,” said researcher, Lotte Kleinendorst. “Such a diagnosis can support both parents and children.”

Obesity in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, 16 percent of children and teenagers are overweight, with 3 percent being considered obese. 18.000 kids in the Netherlands are considered seriously obese, with 300 of these children being the subject of this study. “We looked into the precise cause of obesity in each child, ranging from DNA tests and hormone measurements to their physical condition and how fast they burned calories,” said research doctor, Ozair Abawi.