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How Companies Can Take the Mobile Experience to the Next Level

Companies wanting to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace must embrace mobile technologies. Great mobile experiences can often ensure the success of a business, as consumers are more likely to visit a store or make a purchase online. Find out how businesses can take the mobile customer experience to the next level.

Eliminate Manual Chores

People are living busy personal and professional lives, so can become frustrated when having to reorder a product or request a prescription refill manually. For this reason, companies should strive to replace manual chores in their mobile applications with various digital solutions. For example, integrate a reorder feature that allows consumers to quickly and easily order and purchase an item using integrated payments. Learn more about cost-effective digital banking transactions from Cambr.

Integrate In-app Messaging

Consumers don’t want to spend their days on the telephone to customer service. In-app messaging will allow people to gain the answer to their questions as soon as possible, as they can contact brands at a time and place that is convenient for their needs, and companies will have more flexibility, as they can set response time expectations.

Introduce Mobile Payments

Contactless and mobile payments have streamlined the checkout process. No longer do consumers need cash or a card to make a purchase. For example, a one-touch checkout function will allow customers to pay with their mobile device, which is perfect if they can’t find their card. Companies can also use mobile payments to incentivise customers to make a purchase, as they can choose to add reward points or discounts once a credit card has been scanned.

Incorporate an In-App Search Function

A poor user experience can force people to uninstall an application, or head elsewhere for a product or service. Google found that 92% of consumers who could search for a product using mobile search made a purchase. Never miss a sale by incorporating an in-app search function, so customers can continually find the items they are looking for from your business.

A Built-In Store Mode

Consolidate your consumers’ wants and needs by developing a built-in store mode, which will simplify the customer experience. This means they will not have to download a separate app to support the in-store shopping experience. For example, travel agents could allow their users to track their dream destination savings before they purchase the vacation.


It doesn’t matter if you are running a retail store, restaurant, B2B business or coffee shop, you must look for ways to improve the mobile experience, which could be as simple as integrated payments, in-app search functionality, or in-app messaging. Regardless of your industry, the investment will only result in an increase in revenue, customer engagement, application downloads and a positive reputation in your industry.

Would you like to share a top tip for improving a mobile experience? Have you experienced success with any of the above functions? Feel free to write a handy comment below to share your advice.