US Stocks Drift Back Lower. S&P Down On The Day

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The last 20-30 or so minutes has seen the US stocks drift back lower.  The NASDAQ index has moved from a high price of 8560.16, to a low of 8414.  The high watermark was up 166 points. The price is now up 17 points.  

The S&P index is now down -12.45 points or -0.45% at 2770.85. The intraday high reached 2806.51.

The Dow is now down -270 points or -1.15% at 23235. The high for the day reached 23566.36.  

The selling is consistent with chatter centering around the Italian numbers today.  It may also be just the ebbs and flows from what will be volatile market conditions.

Pres. Trump is expected to announce reopening plans later today. He is expected to announce some after speaking with governors around 3 PM Eastern via a teleconference.