Nasdaq Index Moves To New Highs And Gets Closer To 11K

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The Nasdaq index is trading to new session highs at 10995.168, up 0.49% and moving closer to the next milestone at 11K.   

Although higher, the Nasdaq index is still lagging the S&P index which is up 0.62% and the Dow which is up 1.10%. 

The Dow is being led by Disney whose shares are up  a .93% at $127.76. It's high price today reached $130.31. Also rising today are shares of Boeing which are up 4.45% and DuPont which is up 3.63% 

In Europe, the best performer is the German DAX which is down -4.44%.

For the FAANG, the YTD gains for each are showing:

  • Facebook , + 21.9%
  • Apple, + 48.76%

  • Amazon, +73.5%

  • Netflix, + 56.24%

  • Google, +10.48%

Microsoft - not part of FAANG - is trading up 35.11%.

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