EIBFS Partners With PwCs Middle East To Offer Professional Certificates

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PwC’s Academy Middle East will handle the content and delivery of the three certification programs.

The UAE’s Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies (EIBFS) has collaborated with PwC’s Academy Middle East to offer three new professional certificate courses in fintech, blockchain and data analytics.

Jamal Al Jassmi, the General Manager of EIBFS, said, “Our strategic partnership with PwC’s Academy targets fintech, blockchain and data analytics to enhance future skills and aptitudes that bank employees have to adopt.”

In a statement, EIBFS stated that the collaboration is part of EIBFS’ strategic initiatives to develop the future skill sets of the workforce in the banking and financial sector in the UAE.

“With a focus on current and disruptive topics, such as data analytics, machine learning and human literacy, we can boost the success of UAE nationals as well as the growth of the financial sector in the UAE,” added Amanda Line, Partner at PwC’s Academy Middle East.